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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Sorting Deliveries
  • Raised by: Z0D
  • Submission Date: 12 March 2010
  • Issue ID: ???


  • As corporations have grown considerably, and with them market usage, corporate deliveries can be considerably more broad than an individual's assets.
  • Currently individual players can sort their assets by many criteria, though it could certainly be better.
  • Corporations, which can very well have considerably more material than individual pilots, cannot sort their deliveries or other corporate assets in any way.
  • Likewise refreshing with every session change and scrolling to the top of the list is highly irritating.


  • Change the corporate deliveries hangar to provide sorting functions identical to those enjoyed by personal hangars, extend this sorting to impounded & lockdown hangars.
  • Allow the UI to sort by the variables available to individuals (# jumps, region/constellation/system) this will make the logistics involved with collecting items far less onerous than it is at the moment.
  • columns (size, group, VOLUME, etc.) do not work, only the 'quantity' does, apparently. It needs to be fixed.


Easier logistics.


None forseeable.

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CSM Meeting Minutes[edit]


Passed 7/1