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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Sound Issues
  • Raised by: TeaDaze
  • Submission Date: 28 March 2010
  • Issue ID: ???


More appropriate as a bug-report; these reports have been filed.


Following sound problems are still outstanding

  • Long range turret and launcher sound effects stop working after a few minutes when zoomed in too close on your ship, because various close range modules with looping sound effects ( like hardeners and resistance amplifiers ) are overwriting these sound effects.
  • Desync issues where turret and launcher graphical effects are not in line with the sound effects and a lot of the sound effects get skipped.
  • Often, most of the weapon sound effects go silent after a while.
  • Targetting also has sometimes issues with desync and/or being overwritten by other effects.
  • When mission specific music is playing, all module sound effects disappear but targeting and other sound effects keep working.
  • When using close range turrets and no hardeners or other modules with looping sound effects, the sound effects work somewhat better, with around 80% of the sound effects coming thru. But with a lot of incoming enemy fire this can drop to around 50%.

Some of the above issues can be temporarily fixed by either zooming out to the "sweet" spot ( but hearing ALL relevant sound effects is nearly impossible ), regularly disabling and re-enabling sound in EVE and finally restarting the EVE client. All of the above can be summarized in desync issues, mixing errors and particular sound effects hogging the channels while starving everything else in combination with poorly implemented positional sound and issues with 7.1 output.

Other issues

  • The Jukebox does not work, after playing X amount of songs, it just stops playing, then you have to start next song manually.
  • On some occasions, sound will only be played for the first client opened when using multiple clients.
  • With the new positional sound "feature", players using ships with long range turrets and launchers do not hear explosions when enemy ships or structures are destroyed, because they are just too far away when they explode.
  • There used to be a "Hardware Acceleration" option in game, which possibly can fix some of the issues, however this option was removed for unknown reasons.
  • Various other sound issues are reported by the players.

Potential Solution[edit]

The only real solution is for CCP to investigate and fix the issues listed above.

Whilst these should be handled via the bug reporting system it appears that even after bug reports that nothing has happened thus far and some chasing is required.


  • Fixing long term bugs is good for everyone.


  • Less “Eve has sound?” jokes.

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Passed 9/0