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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



When players complete too many missions for one faction, the standing with other factions drops accordingly. However, it currently is complicated or downright impossible to raise standing for certain factions.

Under the current situation, players can not increase faction standing in any way if their standing drops below -5 unmodified (-2 when taking diplomacy into account). This is an issue for people that have negative standing with the Blood Raider, Sansha and Guristas trio, as there are no alternate factions to raise faction standing with.

As a secondary issue, there no longer is a safety net in the form of Interbus to raise Empire faction standing after they drop below -5. The reason as to why these missions were removed is unclear, as due to the low standing relation between Interbus and the other factions, raising standing in this manner is extremely slow, and in addition it will not raise standing to any significant level.

In addition, since missioning originally held the monopoly on standing increases, and factional warfare provided new means, CCP might consider providing alternate means through which players can acquire standing, even when below -2 modified / -5 unmodified.


Additional means (besides missions) to gain standing

  • Pros
    • Provides gameplay variation
    • Does not require tweaking of current factions
    • Positively affects people that were not concerned with the standing issue, by providing them with new gameplay features
  • Cons
    • Requires significant effort from gamedesign and programming devisions

Introduce skill that allows players to access agents at standings lower than -2/-5

  • Pros
    • Not very programming intensive
    • Does not require tweaking of current factions
  • Cons
    • May appear unrealistic

Re-enable Interbus Missions

  • Pros
    • Allows players to recover empire standings
    • Makes many existing agents viable again thus easing stress on mission hubs
  • Cons
    • CCP probably have had them disabled for a reason and might be reluctant to reconsider

Set some other faction to postitive with blood raiders / sansha / guristas

  • Pros
    • Allows people to raise these factions
    • Faction relations have remained static for too long, would set a nice precedent for the future to see more inter-faction dynamism
  • Cons
    • If players have bad standing with this faction too, especially if it is a pirate faction, it does not help them.

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