Stealth Syndicate (Player alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name Stealth Syndicate
Ticker STEAL
Type Oligarchic acollectivist autarchy
Founded 08/02/2011
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Suntzus Sister
Diplomat(s) Doctor Steele, Ves Caldaz, strynger
Public Channel Vomitorium Emporium
Website Soveriegn Pact Site
Executor Suntzus Sister
Members Many Diverse

We specialize in being the tip of the iceberg.

The Stealth Syndicate Charter was written to ensure the autonomy of our members and encourage them to ever better EVE play

Sovereign Pact: The Holding Corporation of the Stealth Alliance and an accord between the Stealth Alliance and other Alliances.

The Two Goals of the Stealth Syndicate[edit]

  • An alliance created to maintain and defend its autonomy and the autonomy of the individual players who are its members. We do not wish to be the puppets of some larger organization and we do not want any puppets in our alliance.
  • An alliance that has a structure and a situation that forces us all to constantly play better.

How we will do this.

  • We will create a network of influence though out the galaxy using npc nullsec, hi sec "islands," and lowsec systems using industrial PvP, Military PvP and Spy Vs Spy.
  • An alliance without expensive infrastructure to defend so members can keep their ISK in their pockets.
  • An alliance where a three pronged approach Fleets, Spies, and Economy are used, and everyone respects players who play the game differently than they do.
  • An alliance where the rules are clear.
  • An alliance where geographic dispersion is balanced out by a strong Alliance govt.
  • An alliance that consistently demands better play from its members.
  • An alliance with a strategy.

Economic PvP (Industrial) Players

We need Merchant Princes. The wheels of Industry can't ever stop turning. This alliance is being run by people intelligent enough to value and respect economic pvp. If we aren't able to produce better cheaper and faster than our opposition they win. We will be creating a flexible economy with production in hi sec with trade routes into nullsec. In other words we want you to have the absolute highest profit margins the game permits. You will be expected to support the Alliance with goods and cut rates, but the markets will be all yours.

Military PvP Players

This alliance is designed for small gang pvp with an emphasis on the black ops fleet, the stealth bomber, recon ship, and black ops battleship. That's emphasis. Not requirement. We will need all types of pilot except one. We will not need cap and supercap fleets to protect fragile infrastructure. (If people want them though, they can have them.) Mobility and quality over quantity and strength.

You will be in NPC nullsec and nearby areas, nonstop pvp. You will never have to look for people to fight with. They will be waiting for you, every time you undock. Yet you will have the flexibility to leave and take a breather. Using jump clones in our targeted areas of influence in different regions around the map, the entire fleet can decide to be somewhere else, whenever we want.

All Players

You will be part of a team where everyone is respected for the game they play. Lack of alliance infrastructure means we all keep our ISK to buy our own ships and play the game of our choice. We will have to respect you. If we are not running things to your satisfaction and you can't make the Alliance change however it is it would have to change in order to accommodate you, your corp can just leave. You are still in NPC nullsec or hi sec or wherever and you have as good a claim to the place as we, your former alliance. Nobody has to take bad treatment from some feckless geek at his computer keyboard with delusions of adequacy because he can kick their entire corp out of "his" alliance and strand all their stuff in now hostile space. Gentlemen, I say to you with all due lack of decorum: screw that. There is absolutely no reason you have to put up with that sort of thing in your computer game and we won't ever again if we can make this work. And we'll have made something that will demand better EVE play from all of us, right through to the top. Now that's saying something.

Who should not consider this alliance.

If you are invested in seeing your banner fly over many systems this is not the alliance for you. If you do not understand the importance of economic PvP this is not the alliance for you.

If you are in no way interested in spy vs spy and wish to belong to an organization that also ignores this aspect of the game this is not the alliance for you.

If you can't take the time to understand the rules of the alliance before you join it this is not the alliance for you.

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