T3 Refitting inside Wspace (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: TeaDaze, Song Li
  • Submission Date: 24th Jan 2010
  • Issue ID: tbd


A unique feature of T3 ships is that ability to change subsystems to choose slot layout, bonuses, the number of Turrets/Launchers and even choose special things like the ability to warp cloaked, and/or the ability to defy Interdiction Bubbles.

In theory, a player needs only one T3 hull with a collection of subsystems and modules to handle a number of different scenarios. However at the moment T3 ships can only be refitted in station and not via the fitting service from a pos, carrier, orca etc. This makes it impossible to fit or change the subsystems inside a wormhole system.


Option 1:

  • Allow players to change subsystems on a T3 ship inside w-space having been initially assembled in a normal space station.

This would be using structures like the Ship Maintenance Array or ship fitting services from a carrier, orca etc. It is a compromise which would be well received by the whole community of w-space colonists.

Option 2:

  • Enable the assembly or T3 ships and swapping of T3 subsystems at a POS Module.

This could be via an existing structure like the ship maintenance array or subsystem assembly array (as used to create T3 hulls and subsystems) or via a new module.

  • Enable swapping T3 subsystems at ship fitting service (carrier, orca, etc).

Additional but related change

  • Enable loading fits at ship maint array or ship fitting service providing the modules are in your hold (or in corp hanger in the case of a carrier).


  • Will make people in w-space use their T3 ships as designed
  • Will make lots of people living in w-space happier


  • Less reasons for w-space residents to enter k-space

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