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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


As listed in the Glossary - Pinning down an enemy with Warp Jammers and Stasis Webifiers until reinforcements arrive. Several types of ships are well suited for this role.


Frigates are cheap, disposable, and purpose suited for light tackling. With the support of a larger fleet, frigates can quickly grab a ship to initially pin down a vessel that would otherwise flee, giving the time needed for larger ships to get a lock on the target.

Flying frigates for tackling purposes will result in many ship losses, but cause considerably more destruction than loss for the pilot. Costing anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 ISK, frigates are a much more disposable weapon than a Battlecruiser or other large target, worth tens of millions of ISK.

Frigates are very common in Faction Warfare and small gang warfare.


Interceptors are the kings of fast tackling. Some use their great speed to avoid damage while circling their targets outside of web, Nosferatu and Energy Neutralizer range. This class is ideal for use against individual targets with larger weapons. Many pilots bring five Warrior drones or fit fast missiles to drive these opponents off. Interceptors are most common in 0.0, but are used against war targets in high traffic areas as well.


The Interdictor's ability to launch warp disruption bubbles is critical for keeping 0.0 gates locked down. With the ability to launch interdiction spheres, which prevents ships from warping while inside of them, this light weight ship can easily catch ships on either end of a stargate, giving any fellow gang mates the opportunity to destroy their target.

These ships have bonuses to allow them to fit Interdiction Sphere Launchers.

Heavy Interdictors[edit]

The sheer strength of the Heavy Interdictor's tank combined with the long range and power of its warp disruption field makes it ideal for tackling multiple capital ships. When fitted with a script, the warp disruption field generator provides an infinite warp disruption point. No target can warp or use a jump drive under its effect.

Because of their strong tanks and powerful tackling abilities, Heavy Interdictors are commonly found in low security space as well as 0.0 space, flying Solo and in gangs.