Tactical Narcotics Team (Player alliance)

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Name Tactical Narcotics Team
Ticker TNT
Type 0.0
Founded May 14th, 2009
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Wibla
Diplomat(s) Wibla
Public Channel n/a
Website tnt killboard
Executor TnT Strong Hold
Members Alcatraz Inc.
Ramm's RDI
Freelance Economics Astrological resources
Black Sheep Down
Royal Norwegian Navy
CBC Interstellar
Corporation Danmark
White Eagle Federation
Random Selection
Blazing Saddles
The Lone Patrol
Friends Fleet
Orias Fringe Enterprises
FullBore Inc
Intaki Armanents
Kerbinia Warriors
Kushan Army
Notorias Legion
Lightspeed enterprises
Universalis Imperium
Original Sinners
Space Ants

General Information[edit]

TNT holds sovereignty in Pure Blind, Tribute, and Deklein (where it has held systems since December 2009), and is a part of the CFC Coalition.