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Template:NPC (character) Abel Jarek was a charismatic cleric in the Salvation Church of Blessed Servitude, a movement of former slaves preaching the Amarr faith. He became well-known as leader of the "Salvation Crusade", an attempt to spread the word of the Amarr faith inside the Minmatar Republic. Jarek and 214 other former slaves began their efforts at converting Minmatar within the republic in February, YC111. Meeting with considerable opposition, not least due the rather ill-chosen term of crusade, they first worked in the refugee camps of Matar. Jarek later tried to establish a permanent religious community in Matar’s remote Tronhadar valley region. — once again showing his lack of sensitivity, given the area’s status as a stronghold of the Krusual tribe. He died in an attack on the Salvation township by masked vigilantes. His life and death highlighted the problems and tensions arising from the presence of increasingly large numbers of former slaves inside the Minmatar Republic.


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