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Things took an unexpected turn for the better, however, with the discovery of a natural wormhole near the system of Canopus . Although the existence of wormholes had long been the subject of speculation, this was the first natural occurrence of the phenomenon. Probes sent into the wormhole showed it was stable and led to a solar system in an unknown galaxy. This solar system could be a far-flung region of our own Milky Way galaxy, another galaxy at the other side of the universe, another dimension, or parallel universe."

End Quote

The probes linked in the article can't be sent through wormholes, perhaps if some Minmatar Astro Frigate Probes were sent through and then launched some Scan Probes.

Of course it is unlikely that the humans would build a Probe, what with their own vast supplies of resources and the fact that the Probe is a collection of rusted metal and photovoltaic material held together with duck tape and chewing gum. (-:

Four fifths of the page of text could be replaced with a single link to the original Intro Vid, or at least supplemented with it.

And if someone decided to remake that in high quality, with the new updated graphics, and some more moving pictures while retaining the original Aura voice over and possibly splicing some footage from the current intro. And if it just happened to replace the current vid that isn't an intro so much as a summary of an ideal game play scenario ... well, I don't think many would complain.

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