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The word "Athra" is stated to be a Khanid word. Is there any reference to this? I think it is in the mission description --JR 5:25, 3.4.2012 (CET)


Amarr Prime

Once, Amarr Prime was known as 'Athra' (in the Old Khanid tongue [1]), its name before the Amarr conquered the entire globe and began to carve out the greatest empire in New Eden. It is the original home world of the True Amarr, the Khanid, and the Udorians, a subject people long ago assimilated into Amarr society.

Amarr Prime is the third planet in the Amarr system in the Domain region, and is the capital of the Amarr Empire, to be more precisely the home of the capital city Dam-Torsad. Dam-Torsad is the name of the capital, the largest city on the planet, which sprawls for endless miles around. Nevertheless, the Amarr system remains at the centre of the Empire, with ancient Amarr Prime as the seat of an Imperial Throne, venerated by countless billions as holy ground.

The Amarr Empire is so vast and ancient, however, that the oldest of its many settled planets have also come to be regarded as Amarr Home Worlds. Among these, perhaps the highest prestige is given to the 'Throne Worlds', those systems surrounding Amarr itself and the first to be connected in a newly-built gate network since the collapse of the EVE gate. [2]


In 7989 AD the Conformists start their migrating to the world of EVE, spurred on by Dano Gheinok, one of their leaders. Gheinok manages to direct them to the planet of Athra. As the EVE gate collapsed in AD 8061, the last group of Conformists arrives on the planet. The Conformists all settle on the continent of Amarr — be more precisely the Island of Amarr — from there the group got its name, the 'Amarr'.

After the collapse of the EVE gate the Dark Ages (AD 8100 - AD 16 262) alos occurred on Athra, over this period, there are few to none records among the four races of EVE. For the Amerrians were the Dark Ages over with the crowning of the first Emperor in 16470 AD [3]. This historical date were followed by a migration of Udorians, towards the Amarr continent, resulting a spurting of the static Amarr society into a period of rapid change. But of more crucial importance was the political change in the foreign policy of the Amarr: The Reclaiming. In AD 20078 the Reclaiming was launched. The Amarrians start a war to conquer all the lands on Athra; in 20371 AD the Amarrians conquer the last Udorian state; in 20544 AD the Amarrians conquer the last state on Athra. From then on, the Amarr controlled the whole planet.

The above info is nicely presented, but a good deal of it is either already covered in the article on the Amarr themselves, or in the links on the existing Amarr Prime entry. The entry is sparse, I'll grant, but that's because it needs to be focused on the planet itself rather than the political history of the empire that outgrew it. I'd rather leave that history in the correct section of the Amarr Empire, and for the Amarr Prime entry focus on something like its infrastructure, local politics, and so on. One day we'll get around to it.--CCP Abraxas 13:48, 20 April 2012 (GMT)

First thx for the answer.
About "rather leave that history in the correct section" sure.... I almost thought this would be the case. I have just copy & past the old contribution (see here), so that I doesnt forget it. So yes it out of place and with the new nicely done Amarr Island page a little to short also. --Publius Valerius 15:41, 28 April 2012 (GMT)