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I have come up with a reasonable idea of what may have caused both the Talocan and the Sleeper disappearances. In the studies that i have done it is impossible for there to have been a great war that destroyed both the Talocan and the Sleepers. On the other hand i do think very strongly that both races lived in harmony and did not wipe each other out. I believe that one of the other two advanced races that were around may have wanted the space that the Talocans and the Sleepers held so they created a virus that wiped the two races out. I also believe that we have found that virus again. If we look at the Kyonoke Pit Incident were a mysterious protein popped up out of seemingly no were which kills its victims in a very short amount of time and is also nearly impossible to detect. Something like the Kyonoke protein does not just naturally evolve it would have to be manufactured by a highly advanced race. Given these facts i also theorize that the protein worked far better than intended and lead to the downfall of all four ancient races. Now why we have not found any other traces of the Kyonoke protein or anything that resembles it i still strongly believe that it may be the missing piece of this puzzle. -Catiz Val-Tesh Malnata 0712, 13 May 2012

This theory has popped up before, but needs substantiating evidence. Also under suspicion is the Alobe Virus (see agent Remy Ouche), a virus which has surfaced in systems with sleeper archeological sites. You might take a look at Project Morpheus, which speculates on these possibilities. -Faulx 2010, 13 May 2012