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Dam-Torsad is the Imperial City of the Amarr Empire. Which is located on northern hemisphere on Amarr Prime, to be more precisely on the Amarr Island, and made up of several districts,<ref name=AI>Amarr Island: Modern Day:</ref> like for example Torsad-Laur.<ref name=CttS>Chronicle: Chained to the Sky:</ref> It has walls that have been described as “oppressive” by Gallente ambassador Yanou Lautere.<ref name=dam>Chronicle: Dam-Torsad:</ref> The city is generally considered more similar to a monument to past glories than a modern metropolis. The Emperor and Privy Council continue to rule and hold full meetings from the city<ref name=kiss>Chronicle: Kiss of the Soul:</ref>, though in the age of space travel, it is as often as not that the Emperor will not even be present.<ref name=AI/>


One thing that is true of almost all people on Dam-Torsad is that they share a great general tendency to stay in direct active communion with one another while in public, chanting, praying, or speaking loudly and at great length. The environment of Dam-Torsad encourages this behavior in both subtle and unsubtle ways, through pray-drones, billboards, and other disruptive phenomena designed to habitually reinforce preference for communion.<ref name=CttS/>

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