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Are you sure that Standing increases are unaffected by the players skill level in Social skill? Can a GM or ISD guy confirm this?

Missions Bugged[edit]

While attempting to do the amarr agents today i discovered 4 are currently bugged/have no mission to haend out (confirmed by a GM) i have marked these as bugged for other peoples reference.

Standing increases not correct[edit]

The standings increases for both faction and corp that I received for turning in the certificates was different than what was listed here. It was also different for different factions/corps. I turned in all three Gallante and Minmatar. All of my Gallente were .4702% for faction and 1.3433 for corp. All of my Minmatar were .4636 for faction and 1.5452 for corp.

There must be a variable here to the standings you get. My Social skill is level 5.

The standing gain numbers are no longer correct for many tags[edit]

As an example 18/10/10 I did turn in the following in on an alt: Blood Palladium Tags (Social 3) Faction 1,4276% Corp 4,7585%

a few years ago I turned the same ones in on my main: Blood Palladium Tags (Social 4) Faction 5,57% Corp 19,7%

The Guid lists: Blood Palladium Tags Corp: 16,67% Faction: 5%

While the guide is coherent with the old numbers, the new numbers clearly do not match.

Some more numbers[edit]

Example: is(should)

Sansha Palladium Tags Corp: 6,2308% (20%) Faction: 1,947% (6,25%)

Sansha Electrum Corp: 6,7497% (1,38%) Faction: 2,1093% (0,41%)

Sansha Crystal Corp: 6.6642% (14,7%) Faction: 2,0826% (4,5%)

Minmatar info missing[edit]

I'm filling in some of the Minmatar info as I go along, but don't have nearly all of it. Not sure why we have all the info for the other factions, but not Minmatar.

Standings are affeted by Social[edit]

Based on my experiences with two different characters, the standing gains are indeed influenced by you level of the Social skill

--Ruziel 16:39, 4 June 2009 (GMT)

Incorrect Tag Requirements[edit]

Demi Lazerus in the Polfaly system collects 3 NOT 10 Blood Copper Tags for the Amarr Navy

Nikmar Jyran in the Kudi System collects 3 NOT 10 Sansha Copper Tags for the Amarr Navy

I do not have confirmation at the other locations where Copper Tags are collected.

This page[edit]

This page is taken from where I spent 40 or more hours putting the data together. Really wish my name was listed as a top contributor. Uni Zueto 09:01, 13 November 2011 (UTC)