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lost functionality

(first post/edit/use)

in the old eveonline item database their was a tab for NPC sellers and buyers. I found this quite usefull and was/is in need of the function.

Beta Incomplete for Item Database[edit]

The current iteration of the item database is a shade of the former version. No longer are insurance and purchasing prices present, and NPC markets are missing completely. The new format is much nicer than the old one, but switching over from a robust, final system to a lacking, beta system may have been hasty.

The reason why certain information was removed form the item databse is because some informations werent meant to be released according to CCP. --ISD Eshtir 13:18, 18 May 2009 (GMT)

It's somewhat good to have SOMEPLACE we can check to see how much a ship insures for. Can't check in game, used to be able to check on Item DB, now can't. Very frustrating. I can see no reason THAT wouldn't at least be allowed on here. The NPC market info is also very very very useful, though I can see some reasons why maybe that wouldn't be released.
In addition to there not being insurace prices present the reprocess amounts have been removed as well. Those of us that use the scrapmetal reprocessing skill for fun and profit definitely appreciated those values being here. Will they be coming back?

No Description in our Records[edit]

It seems a shame to have "no description in our records" as the header for the same ships and items since I joined up many years ago. I'm certain the creative and tastefully witty Eve community can help update these missing descriptions in short order! Even the mysterious "Misc" categories are full of topically grouped items. Oh, CCP, let us help!

Hello, if you can give me an example of what you are talking about I'd be glad to look into it for you. ISD Erilus Nex

Missing Civilian modules[edit]

There are missing Civilian modules from the database but that particular page is locked from editing. I know for a fact that there is a Civilian Analyzer, since my main char owns two of them. I forget if it was from some Cosmos missions or from the lvl 1 epic arc missions that I got them from agents. I have yet to see it, but I'm assuming there is a civilian codebreaker as well, and possibly a civilian Salvager.

The Civilian Analyzer has a 2% chance to succeed, but it does NOT need the Archaeology skill to use (it in fact needs no skills at all). Can one of the site admins please put this in?

Yes all three of the items you mentioned do exist and you get them from the starter profession missions. (civilian Salvager, codebreaker and analyzer)

Update requests[edit]

After the Tyrannis launch i have not ssen an update of the item database. We miss planetary stuff and starbase blueprints in here a lot. I am aware of that part beeing static and blended into this wiki. And also the ISD is not in charge of that. Just thought this is a place to drop a note. Omendor 30 June 2010

Web Services[edit]

Is there an XML or JSON version of the item database? I didn't see any item database services under the API documentation, but this would be very useful if it exists.

Infandtry Items[edit]

Is there any chance to add Dust 514 modules and gears in this database ? Bugrat WarheaD