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The Khanid Unionists are a political group within the Khanid Kingdom and Amarr Empire dedicated to the reconciliation of the two nations. The movement was originally started by Dakos Khanid, but continued on after he was assassinated, and became non-violent in nature. With the reconciliation of the Empire and Kingdom and Khanid II's reception of a Privy Council, the movement has mostly grown less vocal.


Dakos's Rebellion[edit]

When Khanid II rebelled against the Amarr Empire in 226762 AD<ref>Timeline: Amarr:</ref>, a number of his subordinates were not pleased with his actions. Some simply refused to relocated from the Empire, but a large number already had their domains in the new Kingdom and simply could not depart or speak out against their new King. Instead, they simply bode their time.

When Dakos Khanid rebelled against his brother's rule, these seditious Holders rose up with him, casting the fledgling Kingdom into civil war. The war raged for several months, with the Empire eventually getting involved on behalf of the rebels. However, Khanid II managed to have his brother assassinated, and without his leadership and a legitimate heir to the Khanid Family on their side, the insurgency fell apart.<ref>Chronicle: The Khanid Kingdom:</ref>

Elements of the Kingdom still wished to reconcile with the Empire, however, but they dared not speak out against Khanid II, who quashed all dissent. For nearly a century, the unionists remained silent and fractured. The former Khanid Holders in the Empire, meanwhile, often pressed for military action against the Kingdom, but the Empire had its own internal issues to deal with.


Slowly, however, Khanid II's iron grip relaxed slightly and tensions between the Empire and Kingdom softened. First contact with the Gallente gave the two Amarr nations a common enemy, then the Amarr lost the Amarr-Jove War and suffered the Minmatar Rebellion. Though elements within both nations still held negative feelings toward the other, they found common cause against the rest of the cluster.

It was under these conditions that the vocal Unionist movement emerged. The Khanid Unionists pushed for the opening of the border between the two nations, improved trade and diplomacy, and the eventual reconciliation of the Khanid Family and its domains into the Empire. The majority of the Unionists were in the Kingdom itself, though there also existed a strong group within the Empire who desired a peaceful reconciliation as well.

Relations Improve[edit]

Thanks to a combination of factors, including the efforts of the Unionists, the Khanid Kingdom and Amarr Empire slowly began to reconcile. Trade between the two nations became steady and regular, with the Kingdom serving as a gateway to the Empire for goods from the Caldari and Gallente. With trade came an exchange of ideas and social mores, though the two nations had not drifted too far from each other.

Additionally, on the international stage, the interests of the Empire and Kingdom were often aligned. Both were signatories to CONCORD and the Khanid often voted with the Amarr on matters of policy. The Kingdom supported the Empire against Minmatar terrorists, especially when the terrorists assaulted the Kingdom as well.

Eventually, the two nations entered into a comfortable peace. They remained divided by old feelings and borders, but conflict between the two seemed impossible. Heideran VII famously signed a Treaty of Perpetual Friendship with the Kingdom near the end of his life, while Doriam II met with Khanid II<ref name=meeting>News: Empress Jamyl I meets with King Khanid II:</ref>.

When Doriam II was assassinated, CONCORD initially claimed the Kingdom was responsible.<ref>News: CONCORD Memo Leaked:</ref> The Khanid quickly refuted the claims<ref>News: Khanid refute CONCORD claims:</ref> and the Empire soon backed them<ref>News: Empire Moves to Deny CONCORD Claims as Internal Investigation Continues:</ref>.

Partial Reconciliation[edit]

Relations between the nations continued to improve following the Empyrean War. The Tash-Murkon Family was instrumental in this, as they saved a Khanid convoy from destruction.<ref>News: Khanid Convoy Rescued By Tash-Murkon Patrol:</ref> The Tash-Murkon officers responsible were honored by the Kingdom<ref>News: Tash-Murkon Navy Officers Honored By Khanid Kingdom:</ref>, which led to additional cooperation between the Tash-Murkon and the Kingdom. The Tash-Murkon received a delegation from Khanid Innovation<ref>News: Tash-Murkon Family Receives Khanid Innovation Delegation:</ref>, then facilitated a trade mission between the Kingdom and State<ref>News: Caldari Trade Mission Visits Khanid Kingdom, Meets With Tash-Murkon:</ref>

Meanwhile, the Khanid Royal Navy began a series of assaults on Blood Raider holdings<ref>News: Khanid forces mounting large-scale attacks against Blood Raider targets:</ref> in a public effort to “strike a blow against […] heresy”.<ref>News: Royal Khanid Navy releases statement on Blood Raider attacks:</ref> They soon announced that they had captured Dochuta Karsoth, the former Court Chamberlain who was wanted for high crimes by the Empire. The Khanid turned Karsoth over to the Empire in a sign of good will.<ref>News: Amarr Empire announces capture of former Chamberlain:</ref>

Five months later, Khanid II re-entered the Empire for the first time since his rebellion and ventured to Tash-Murkon Prime.<ref>News: King Khanid II arrives in Tash-Murkon Prime, met by Catiz Tash-Murkon:</ref> After a brief meeting with Catiz Tash-Murkon, Khanid II proceeded on to Amarr<ref>News: King Khanid II departs Tash-Murkon Prime, arrives in Amarr:</ref>, where he met with Empress Jamyl I<ref name=meeting/>. Shortly after, an emergency session of the Privy Council was called.<ref>News: Royal Heirs called to Amarr Prime; Privy Council to hold emergency session:</ref>

Four days later, a historic announcement was made, with the Khanid Family being given a seat on the Privy Council. Khanid II would be styled Lord Councilor while at meetings of the Council, while the Kingdom would remain an independent nation with its own navy, but enjoy mutual defense with the Empire.<ref>News: Khanid Kingdom granted Privy Council seat:</ref> This announcement was met with much praise from the Unionists.

Current Status[edit]

While many of the goals of the Khanid Unionists have been met, the Empire and Kingdom remain officially divided. Though they enjoy a mutual defense pact, the two continue to field separate navies, have their own churches and Scriptures, and are considered sovereign entities by CONCORD and the other nations of New Eden.

There remains a movement, particularly among the more religious Unionists, to see the Kingdom and Empire merged completely, with Khanid renouncing his title of King entirely and taking a position of equality to the other Amarr Heirs. This sect particularly wishes to see the Khanid church reconcile with the mainstream Amarr religion, though the exact mechanisms of such a thing are up to debate.

Even so, the voices of the Unionists have quieted over the past few years as they continue to bask in their successes.

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