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Is the Cyberpunk category not a tad redundant? EVE is all cyberpunk isn't it? Or would it be better to describe EVE as Transhumanist which would allow for a certain kind of chronicle to be termed Cyberpunk?

Jmarr Hygund (@Mandrill)

Good question. EVE has definite cyberpunk flavors, but a good deal of its fiction doesn't venture clearly into that territory, if at all - viz. The Shrinking Skin, Houses of the Holy, Murder and Creation, etc. I'd say we could file things like the Mercenaries stories under Cyberpunk, and things like The Precious Tableau.

I wouldn't call it transhumanist because we still have such immense social segregation: If you're an Amarr Holder you've got a good shot at living a long assisted life, but if you're a low Caldari worker (or a Minmatar slave), you may not. It's a perception we try to fight: EVE does take place in the far future, but its technological marvels aren't available to more than a subsection of its populace. So not everyone has reached the age of advancement that would be required to call the fictional world transhuman.

Maybe "SF" is just the best moniker, all in all. "Dystopian SF", even. :-)--CCP Abraxas 16:30, 6 February 2012 (GMT)

Would it not be useful to add in links to the forum discussions about Chronicles as well. Even if these are on the old forums the information these posts contain and the discussion of points raise are vital to using the Chronicles.

I'll have to think about that a bit. Aside from the little ref: tags, we try not to have links point people away from the Portal, unless it's to the other Portal we set up.--CCP Abraxas 16:30, 6 February 2012 (GMT)

Hoi. I've added the page 2014_(chronicles) similiar to the other years. Could you please add it to the passage 'Publication Date' and set the links in the other yearly articles? The 2013 page should be up to date. --Hagen Robaar 18:13, 25 August 2014 (UTC)