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There should be a note that locking characters/persons out of containers is only possible by password-ing them, even if the user has no take access.

New role?[edit]

What does the diplomat role do? --Demortes 20:03, 7 October 2010 (UTC)


Need to add information regarding Communications officer and Corporation bookmarks


Communications Officer - You no longer need this role to send corpmails. Having this role also allows one to edit the corp MOTD.

Contract Manager - Needed to reject contracts assigned to the corporation.

Personnel Managers - Can create corp recruitment ads.

Hangar Access - You still need both, Query and Take rights under "Other" group in order to be able to manufacture remotely.

Incorporating my notes[edit]

I have been compiling notes about the corporation roles and titles system for the past 12 years and I have decided to share these notes with everyone else by adding them to this page. My corp shares all assets and so we use corp roles and titles extensively as all of us live and breathe out of the corp hangars and wallets every day.

A lot of my knowledge is from trial and error, granting and revoking roles on my alt and then seeing what I can do with them. I will probably add text to some sections that explain what a role CAN'T do, because some roles are not very descriptive. It's easy to assume that a role does something that it doesn't and vise versa.

Currently some of the roles are listed alphabetically. I may change this to a more logical order. For instance, the Accountant role is easier to understand if you are first told what the Junior Accountant role does as there is a lot of overlap.

I will also write a guide on best practices for creating titles and using roles, as it is much easier to plan out titles first and then execute changes in game after the fact. I have a method for planning roles that I think works really well and I would like to share it.

-Voltaire Leriel of the BIG corporation.

A pretty glaring discrepancy I found was the following description on Security Officer: "Can retrieve passwords on secure containers owned by the corporation. Can deliver items from his own or corporation hangars to other corporation members."

Neither of these statements are true. The second statement is something that all corp members can do, even without roles. The "Deliver to" menu shows up for all corp members when you right click on any item in a hang that you have take access to.

Ok, through a ton of additional trial and error I was able to isolate what each roles does for sure. All claims made on this page have been verified in-game by assigning single roles or combinations of roles and then testing out what access is given.