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The following section about the Takmahls is an eyesore in many way: "One such group departed soon after spaceflight was developed, using primitive cryo-ships to settle far from the Amarr homeworld in the Araz constellation. These early settlers founded the Takmahl empire, which grew to great technological heights within a few hundred years. The empire, however, floundered and eventually collapsed under its own religion, leaving behind only scattered relics"

This appears nearly entirely made up by whoever wrote it as the reference (the Amarr COSMOS missions) does only partially support the story put forward here. How the Takmahls reached Araz is not supported. That the Takmahls managed to establish an actual empire is not supported (I always thought they were a tiny group of Amarr technological specialists). New technological heights is partly supported but a time frame is not at all. Worse of all is the statement that the empire should have collapse under its own religion which is not only not supported by reference material at all but also makes an indirect statement about the Sani Sabik; that the religion is flawed by its core and any society build upon it is bound to collapse sooner or later.

First of all I feel you are writing pieces into the history of the Takmahl that are unnecessary at the current point unless you intend to expand on the history of the Takmahls. But if that is the case I feel this information should most certainly be presented in a chronicle of some sort instead of being "hidden" on a page here, especially as the official Takmahl article list none of the claims regarding their history posted here. --Myyona 10:14, 6 February 2012 (GMT)

We do intend to expand on the Takmahl at some point, and when we do it'll be advertised on the Recent Updates page. Note that we're going to be actively expanding all kinds of lore snippets from now on, and we'll be doing it primarily through EVElopedia articles. When that happens, we'll use preestablished material (like COSMOS missions) as starting points, but we won't constrain ourselves to only what's said in those texts. This wiki is not intended only to reflect material published elsewhere, but to be, itself, a source of information.

As for the chronicles: Given their narrative style, they are unfortunately not conducive to infodumps of so grand a nature.--CCP Abraxas 15:35, 6 February 2012 (GMT)

Well, the only thing one can ask for is consistency in the information on the two article pages. This essential piece of PF for the Takmahls should (also) be in the first place people will look for information about them (the Takmahl page). Do you not agree?

By the way, I am completely clues if this additional information on the history of the Takmahls is IC or OOC knowledge. --Myyona 18:15, 6 February 2012 (GMT)