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Total number of wormhole connections[edit]

My corp just scanned out a C5 with a total of 8 wormhole connections, 6 outgoing and 2 incoming. I guess we should wait for another instance to happen to update this. --Darker Sun 03:32, 18 June 2012 (GMT)


For a lack of better pages regarding Wormhole Space, this article has been re-purposed towards this end. Some content shuffling will be needed to get everything in order, but for now, some content and search gaps will be filled with the page move. ISD Othismos 23:59, 9 July 2010 (UTC)

Total number of Wspace Systems[edit]

It seems one Wspace system might have disappeared. Can someone with access to an older data dump double check, or is the class 4 count simply inaccurate? I'm showing only 505, not 506...--Internet Knight 00:38, 17 November 2010 (UTC)

Capital Ships[edit]

Bringing a capital ship...will spawn 6 additional battleships - I think this only applies in Class 4 wormholes and above. If you build and use a carrier in a class 3 or below, you do not get the extra spawns. omfgkarlmarx 09:06, 29 October 2009 (UTC)

"Bringing a capital ship (Carrier or Dreadnought) to a combat site in a Wspace will spawn 6 additional battleships PER CAPITAL SHIP!"

This information is incorrect. The first Carrier brought in will spawn 6 Sleepless Guardians The second Carrier spawns 8 Sleepless Guardians

bringing in more than 2 carriers will NOT spawn any more Sleepless Guardians.

Dreadnought spawns are counted separate from Carrier spawns The first dread class capital ship will spawn 6 Sleepless Guardians If a dread comes in after any of the carriers or dreads it will also spawn 8 Sleepless Guardians


Is it really necessary to link to wormholes every time it is mentioned in this article? --Jellygoop

7. “Probably won't last another day” means you have more than 25% of the wormhole's life left. 8. :Nearing the end of its life” means it has less than 25% of its life left. not true. 14. Capital ships can get into a class 4, 5 or 6 wormhole only. not true only 5 and 6 class. in 4 class Capitals not may flight. --JesDarkJewel

22. When a wormhole collapses it takes 5 seconds from the destructive jump till the wormhole finally vanishes. It is possible to jump through a collapsing wormhole during that time, so if a gang jumps through a wormhole simultaneously, all ships will get through, no matter how much you exceed the mass limit with that group jump. Players who jump through the wormhole while it is collapsing will reappear in a random location at the destination system.

This is incorrect, perhaps due to recent changes, but it is no longer able to happen. I've tried on many times to jump ships through a WH that is near it's max mass. One ships gets through, the others recieve a message saying the WH has collapsed. The WH is still visable for a few seconds, and eventually disappears.


All credit should go to ArcDragon, he was the one who wrote this useful guide, I just moved it to the Wiki Pages from the Forum. Enjoy!

Depletion of sites[edit]

Depletion of Sites - The contents of wormhole space eventually wear out if you take up residence within such a system. Eventually, the wormhole count will dwindle to one static wormhole and one encounter site. Other sites will disappear as usual, but they will not regenerate at the 'normal' rate.

Is there any definitive information available on how long an average Wormhole can be expected to last before its resources are depleted? Does this vary between classes of Wormholes? --M0nkfish 13:24, 16 April 2012 (GMT)