Talocan Interstellar Drive Technology

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Talocan Technology Division: Project Drive[edit]


The Talocan were a migrant culture and their ships and structures were designed in accordance. Their ships were designed for a prolonged time in space and many of the structures posses the ability of independent movement.

Experiment Outline[edit]

All Talocan ships encountered so far and many Talocan structures feature strange protruding arrays. The purpose of the project is to determine what these are and what function they have. Below there is footage for those who wish to inspect.

Abandoned Talocan Battleship - Side View

Hypothesis:These arrays share a similarity with the Talocan Static Gates and could be a miniature version of their gates performing a similar function. Opening a rift or wormhole which is then used by the Talocan vessel or structure to traverse large distances nearly instantaneous.

Alternate hypothesis:These arrays share a similarity with the Talocan Disruption Tower and are a form of weapons/defense technology used by the Talocan.

Research Aims[edit]

  • Close examination of Talocan vessels scattered through wormhole space and if possible retrieve or salvage relevant sections of the hull for further study.
  • Study of a Talocan static gate and it's inner workings, see Project Gateway for extra information.
  • Compare results and look for similarities between the arrays and the gates.
  • Study of Talocan disruption tower
  • Compare results and look for similarities between the arrays and the disruption towers.


  • Researchers will locate Talocan wrecks and study them as well use salvaging equipment to retrieve relevant ships parts for closer inspection in labratories.
  • Talocan sites will be explored for static gates and disruption towers. Structures will be scanned using scanning equipment for closer inspection. Part of this research is best coordinated with Project Gateway.
    • Use of Talocan system interface units will be valuable to link up with any system still capable of operation.

Findings will be analysed and used to create simulations for comparison.

Data assesment[edit]

Simulations and findings will determine the function of these arrays although the exact detail on how they perform these functions will likely require deeper understanding of Talocan technology and the science behind it.


  • Locate Talocan vessels (Talocan vessels can be a rare find, time will vary)
  • Salavage operations on Talocan vessels to harvest the arrays
  • Study and analysis of the arrays (1-2-3 weeks)
  • Explore and study Talocan Static Gates
  • Explore and study Talocan Disruption Towers
  • Compare results of analysis (2-3-4 weeks)
  • Create documents of all data and findings (1-2 weeks)
  • Publish findings


  • Talocan System Interface Unit
  • Salvaging equipment
  • Scanning equipment
  • 2-3 Researchers for salvage operations and data analysis
  • Combat personel to repel Sleeper presence and defend researchers (required number varies on location)

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