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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

This is a list of skills that are of use for tanking.



  • Shield Compensation - 2% less capacitor need for shield boosters per skill level.
  • Shield Management - 5% bonus to shield capacity per skill level. Level V required for Shield Boost Amplifier II.
  • Shield Operation - 5% reduction in shield recharge time per skill level. Is used to unlock Shield Boosters. Level V is required for X-Large Shield Booster II.
  • Shield Rigging - allows use of shield rigs
  • Shield Upgrades - Allows fitting of shield extenders, resistance amplifiers, and shield rechargers. 5% reduction in shield upgrade powergrid needs. Level IV unlocks All Tech II Resistance Amplifiers, extenders and rechargers.
  • Tactical Shield Manipulation - Allows fitting of shield hardeners. Reduces the chance of damage penetrating the shield when it falls below 25% by 5% per skill level, with 0% chance at level 5. At level IV Tech II shield hardeners are unlocked.
  • Energy Grid Upgrades - Allows fitting of Shield Power Relays and Shield Flux Coils. Level IV required for Tech II versions of these modules.

Compensation skills give a 3% bonus to the respective resists of active hardeners when they are inactive, and a 5% bonus to passive hardeners.


  • Armor Rigging - Allows use of armor rigs
  • Capital Repair Systems - Allows use of capital armor repairers, 5% reduction in capital armor repair module cycle time per level. NOTE: Reducing the cycle time for repair systems will increase their capacitor usage.
  • Hull Upgrades - 5% bonus to armor hitpoints per level. This skill is required for armor plates, damage controls, energized plating, resistance plating, and armor hardeners. At level IV, Tech II reflective plating & damage controls are unlocked. At level V Tech II armor hardeners, energized plating, and all the larger armor plates become unlocked.
  • Repair Systems - Allows use of armor repairers, 5% reduction in armor repair cycle time per level. One of the skill prerequisites for Armor Repairers. Level IV is required for Tech II large and medium armor repairers. NOTE: See above note under Capital Repair Systems.

Compensation skills give a 3% bonus to the respective resists of active hardeners when they are inactive, and a 5% bonus to passive hardeners.


  • Mechanic - 5% bonus to Hull hitpoints per level, allows fitting of bulkheads. Unlocks armor repairers. Level V is one of the skill prerequisites for Large Armor Repairer II.

Full Tech II Tank[edit]

A fully Tech II tank is a good way to increase the survivability of your ship. For higher level missions and more advanced PVP, having at least a Tech II tank is essential. Below is the list of required skills you might need to Tech II fit a battleship (smaller ships will require less skill points). Keep in mind some modules depend on the situation. For instance, you won't need a shield boost amplifier for a passive tank.

Armor Tank[edit]

Hull Upgrades V
Mechanics V
Repair Systems IV

Shield Tank[edit]

Shield Management V
Shield Operation V
Shield Upgrades IV
Tactical Shield Manipulation IV
Energy Grid Upgrades IV