Tarak Horkund

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Tarak Horkund[edit]

A COSMOS Agent resident of the Insurgent Encampment in Uriok of the Ani constellation

Brutor Tribe Administration L3 Q0

Blind Seer - Bones Part 1 of 4[edit]

[Encounter/Trade 9 Units of Finger Bone 0.9m3] Reward 1 Unit of 1MN Digital Booster Rockets BPC 3Run ME15 PE6, Bonus 150,000 (4 hours)

  • Can be found ratting in the belts in the cosmos area

Blind Seer - Divination Part 2 of 4[edit]

[Courier 0.1m3] Jumps [5] Reward 300,000, Bonus 300,000 (30 minutes) Lo-Sec Warning

Blind Seer - Trauma Part 3 of 4[edit]

[Courier 10m3] Jumps [4] Reward 250,000, Bonus 150,000 (20 minutes)

Blind Seer - Tit for Tat Part 4 of 4[edit]

[Encounter/Trade 1 Unit of Sadry Damoklet’s Head 0.1m3] Reward 1 Unit of Cyberntic Subprocessor - Standard, Bonus 1 Unit of Ladar Firewall BPC 3Run ME15 PE6 (3 hours) [4.6% increase Gallente / 5.75% Minmatar].

  • Item Acquired in the Traun Complex (2nd room - gate to the Overrun corridor, in the bestower.)