Targeting from Broadcast History (CSM)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Raised by: Mynxee
  • Submission Date: 12 June 2010
  • Meeting ID: 5.003
  • Issue ID: tbd


Allow broadcast targets to be target-locked using Ctrl+Click; ideally provide context menu options for orbiting and other options similar to Overview.


When a target is broadcast in the Broadcast History, Ctrl+Click should lock the subject of the broadcast, whether the broadcast is someone calling for reps or is an item being designated as a kill target. As a further enhancement, enable a right-click menu for Broadcast History items that includes options similar to the Overview, e.g., target and orbit. This avoids the need to pick that target out of a cluttered overview.


  • Reduced clicking overhead for logistics pilots
  • Improved fleet coordination
  • Less cumbersome targeting, especially in large fights


  • Possible lag from context menu

Relevant Forum Threads[edit]

[1] Original Assembly Hall proposal by Herschel Yamamoto


For/Against: 9/0