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Anomaly Details
Type Cosmic Anomaly
Race {{{race}}}
Wormhole Class {{{class}}}
Incoming Damage {{{dps}}}
Pirate type Sleepers

This is a template for Cosmic Anomalies found in wormhole space. For cosmic signatures in known space, please use Template:Cosmic Anomaly

For Unknown Signatues (both DED-rated and Unrated), please use Template:Complex,
For Expedtions from escalating Unrated Combat sites, please use Template:Expedition,
For Gravimetric, Ladar, Magnetometric and Radar Sites, please use Template:Cosmic Signature (Wormhole) or Template:Cosmic Signature.

Available parameters[edit]

The name of the cosmic anomaly,
The race who build the structures, either Sleepers or Talocan,
The wormhole class within which the cosmic anomaly appears naturally, ranging from Class 1 to Class 6.
The amount of incoming DPS in the site per wave.


{{Cosmic Anomaly (Wormhole)