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Cosmic Signature Details
Signature Strength {{{sig}}}
Type {{{type}}}
Equipment needed {{{equipment}}}
Race {{{race}}}
Wormhole Class {{{class}}}
Guardians Sleeper Drones

This is a template for:

found in wormhole space. For cosmic signatures in known space, please use Template:Cosmic Signature

For Unknown Signatues (both DED-rated and Unrated), please use Template:Complex,
For Expedtions from escalating Unrated Combat sites, please use Template:Expedition,
For Cosmic Anomalies sites, please use Template:Cosmic Anomaly (Wormhole) or Template:Cosmic Anomaly.

Available parameters

The name of the site,
Signature Strength of the cosmic signature picked up by your probes,
Type of signature, being either Ladar, Radar, Gravimetric or Magnetometric,
Type of equipment needed to access the valuables, being either Analyzer, Codebreaker, Gass Cloud Harvester, Mining Laser or Salvager,
The race who build the structures, being either Sleepers or Talocan,
The wormhole class within which the cosmic anomaly appears naturally, raning from Class 1 to Class 6.


{{Cosmic Signature (Wormhole)