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Name {{{alliancename}}}
Ticker {{{ticker}}}
Type {{{alliancetype}}}
Founded Unknown
Status Unknown
Contact details
Alliance CEO None
Diplomat(s) None
Public Channel None
Website [ ]
Executor Unknown
Members None known


This template is for use with player alliance pages and helps you display an info box. This template will also automatically include your corporation in the Player Alliances category.

Copy and paste the code below into your alliance page and complete the info.

{{Player Alliance


Note that you can add an additional entry to a new line if you separate the new entries with <br>, wiki markup language works as well.

{{Player Alliance
|alliancename=Morsus Mihi
|founded=January 1st, 2006
|allianceleader=[[Vuk Lau (Character)|Vuk Lau]]
|diplomats=[[Orree (Character)|Orree]]
|webnicename=RAWR Killboard
|executor=[[4S Corporation (Player corporation)|4S]]
|corporations=[[The_Graduates_(Player corporation)|The Graduates]]<BR>
[[hirr (Player corporation)|hirr]]<BR>
[[Free Space Ranger (Player corporation)|Free-Space-Ranger]]<BR>
[[Shiva (Player corporation)|Shiva]]<BR>
[[Macabre Votum (Player corporation)|Macabre Votum]]<BR>
[[The Arrow Project (Player corporation)|The Arrow Project]]<BR>
[[Oberon Incorporated (Player corporation)|Oberon Incorporated]]