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I had to make this page because this version of mediawiki doesn't have the parserfunctions available.

This is a template designed to show a ship fitting, which eventually might even become graphical. Then, you alter ship fittings one location, and everyplace can show them easily, the same, maybe even in EFT compatible format.

|Ship = 
|Desc = 
|low1 = 
|low2 =
|low8 =
|med1 =
|med8 =
|hi1 =
|ammo1 =
|hi8 =
|ammo8 =
|rig1 =
|rig2 =
|rig3 =
|drone1 =
|drone2 =
|drone3 =

An example:

{{ShipFitBlind | 
|Desc=Solo PvP Rifter import 1
|low1=Gyrostabilizer I
|low2=Small Armor Repairer I
|low3=200mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
|med1=1MN Afterburner I
|med2=Warp Scrambler I
|med3=Stasis Webifier I
|hi1=200mm AutoCannon I
|ammo1=EMP S
|hi2=200mm AutoCannon I
|ammo2=EMP S
|hi3=200mm AutoCannon I
|ammo3=EMP S
|hi4='Arbalest' Rocket Launcher I
|ammo4=Gremlin Rocket
|drone1=Ogre II