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Comparison Chart
{{{col0}}} {{{col1}}} {{{col2}}} {{{col3}}} {{{col4}}} {{{col5}}} {{{col6}}} {{{col7}}} {{{col8}}} {{{col9}}} {{{col10}}}
{{{t00d00}}} {{{t00d01}}} {{{t00d02}}} {{{t00d03}}} {{{t00d04}}} {{{t00d05}}} {{{t00d06}}} {{{t00d07}}} {{{t00d08}}} {{{t00d09}}} {{{t00d10}}}
{{{t01d00}}} {{{t01d01}}} {{{t01d02}}} {{{t01d03}}} {{{t01d04}}} {{{t01d05}}} {{{t01d06}}} {{{t01d07}}} {{{t01d08}}} {{{t01d09}}} {{{t01d10}}}
{{{t02d00}}} {{{t02d01}}} {{{t02d02}}} {{{t02d03}}} {{{t02d04}}} {{{t02d05}}} {{{t02d06}}} {{{t02d07}}} {{{t02d08}}} {{{t02d09}}} {{{t02d10}}}
{{{t03d00}}} {{{t03d01}}} {{{t03d02}}} {{{t03d03}}} {{{t03d04}}} {{{t03d05}}} {{{t03d06}}} {{{t03d07}}} {{{t03d08}}} {{{t03d09}}} {{{t03d10}}}
{{{t04d00}}} {{{t04d01}}} {{{t04d02}}} {{{t04d03}}} {{{t04d04}}} {{{t04d05}}} {{{t04d06}}} {{{t04d07}}} {{{t04d08}}} {{{t04d09}}} {{{t04d10}}}
{{{t05d00}}} {{{t05d01}}} {{{t05d02}}} {{{t05d03}}} {{{t05d04}}} {{{t05d05}}} {{{t05d06}}} {{{t05d07}}} {{{t05d08}}} {{{t05d09}}} {{{t05d10}}}
{{{t06d00}}} {{{t06d01}}} {{{t06d02}}} {{{t06d03}}} {{{t06d04}}} {{{t06d05}}} {{{t06d06}}} {{{t06d07}}} {{{t06d08}}} {{{t06d09}}} {{{t06d10}}}
{{{t07d00}}} {{{t07d01}}} {{{t07d02}}} {{{t07d03}}} {{{t07d04}}} {{{t07d05}}} {{{t07d06}}} {{{t07d07}}} {{{t07d08}}} {{{t07d09}}} {{{t07d10}}}
{{{t08d00}}} {{{t08d01}}} {{{t08d02}}} {{{t08d03}}} {{{t08d04}}} {{{t08d05}}} {{{t08d06}}} {{{t08d07}}} {{{t08d08}}} {{{t08d09}}} {{{t08d10}}}
{{{t09d00}}} {{{t09d01}}} {{{t09d02}}} {{{t09d03}}} {{{t09d04}}} {{{t09d05}}} {{{t09d06}}} {{{t09d07}}} {{{t09d08}}} {{{t09d09}}} {{{t09d10}}}
{{{t10d00}}} {{{t10d01}}} {{{t10d02}}} {{{t10d03}}} {{{t10d04}}} {{{t10d05}}} {{{t10d06}}} {{{t10d07}}} {{{t10d08}}} {{{t10d09}}} {{{t10d10}}}
{{{t11d00}}} {{{t11d01}}} {{{t11d02}}} {{{t11d03}}} {{{t11d04}}} {{{t11d05}}} {{{t11d06}}} {{{t11d07}}} {{{t11d08}}} {{{t11d09}}} {{{t11d10}}}
{{{t12d00}}} {{{t12d01}}} {{{t12d02}}} {{{t12d03}}} {{{t12d04}}} {{{t12d05}}} {{{t12d06}}} {{{t12d07}}} {{{t12d08}}} {{{t12d09}}} {{{t12d10}}}
{{{t13d00}}} {{{t13d01}}} {{{t13d02}}} {{{t13d03}}} {{{t13d04}}} {{{t13d05}}} {{{t13d06}}} {{{t13d07}}} {{{t13d08}}} {{{t13d09}}} {{{t13d10}}}
{{{t14d00}}} {{{t14d01}}} {{{t14d02}}} {{{t14d03}}} {{{t14d04}}} {{{t14d05}}} {{{t14d06}}} {{{t14d07}}} {{{t14d08}}} {{{t14d09}}} {{{t14d10}}}


Generic ten column, fourteen row table for Database, based on Template:TurretCompare

Used for projectile turrets so far.


For use at the bottom of turret database item pages. It's columns can be tailored to show ten different types of data in addition to the name of the module.

|col0=Name |col1=Meta Level |col2=Damage Mod |col3=Tracking |col4= Optimal |col5=Falloff |col6=Grid |col7=CPU |col8=Magazine |col9=OC Dmg |col10= |col11=Notes
|- |t00d00= |t00d01= |t00d02= |t00d03= |t00d04= |t00d05= |t00d06= |t00d07= |t00d08= |t00d09= |t00d10=
|- |t01d00= |t01d01= |t01d02= |t01d03= |t01d04= |t01d05= |t01d06= |t01d07= |t01d08= |t01d09= |t01d10=
|- |t02d00= |t02d01= |t02d02= |t02d03= |t02d04= |t02d05= |t02d06= |t02d07= |t02d08= |t02d09= |t02d10=
|- |t03d00= |t03d01= |t03d02= |t03d03= |t03d04= |t03d05= |t03d06= |t03d07= |t03d08= |t03d09= |t03d10=
|- |t04d00= |t04d01= |t04d02= |t04d03= |t04d04= |t04d05= |t04d06= |t04d07= |t04d08= |t04d09= |t04d10=
|- |t05d00= |t05d01= |t05d02= |t05d03= |t05d04= |t05d05= |t05d06= |t05d07= |t05d08= |t05d09= |t05d10=
|- |t06d00= |t06d01= |t06d02= |t06d03= |t06d04= |t06d05= |t06d06= |t06d07= |t06d08= |t06d09= |t06d10=
|- |t07d00= |t07d01= |t07d02= |t07d03= |t07d04= |t07d05= |t07d06= |t07d07= |t07d08= |t07d09= |t07d10=
|- |t08d00= |t08d01= |t08d02= |t08d03= |t08d04= |t08d05= |t08d06= |t08d07= |t08d08= |t08d09= |t08d10=
|- |t09d00= |t09d01= |t09d02= |t09d03= |t09d04= |t09d05= |t09d06= |t09d07= |t09d08= |t09d09= |t09d10=
|- |t10d00= |t10d01= |t10d02= |t10d03= |t10d04= |t10d05= |t10d06= |t10d07= |t10d08= |t10d09= |t10d10=
|- |t11d00= |t11d01= |t11d02= |t11d03= |t11d04= |t11d05= |t11d06= |t11d07= |t11d08= |t11d09= |t11d10=
|- |t12d00= |t12d01= |t12d02= |t12d03= |t12d04= |t12d05= |t12d06= |t12d07= |t12d08= |t12d09= |t12d10=
|- |t13d00= |t13d01= |t13d02= |t13d03= |t13d04= |t13d05= |t13d06= |t13d07= |t13d08= |t13d09= |t13d10=