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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Evelopedia contains many templates which can be included in articles or used to mark articles as needing attention.

This page is an index of those templates whose use is encouraged. Template pages themselves should include usage examples.

Header Message Boxes[edit]

Template:Blue box

Header Info Boxes[edit]

Similar to Header Message Boxes, but more to provide information then send a message.

  • Website - Used on pages about websites to place the website link in a prominent position.
    • Development Website - Used on pages about development websites to place the website link in a prominent position.
  • Library - Used on pages about API development libraries to place the website link in a prominent position.
  • AURORA Event - marks a page as being related to AURORA events or event actors.

Right Margin Tables[edit]

Tables placed on the right margin of an article which list information about the subject.

In Text Message Boxes[edit]

Colored boxes to draw attention to a bit of text.

  • Note - Blue box with "Please note {{{1}}}".
  • Hint - Green box with "Hint {{{1}}}".
  • Warning - Red box with "Warning: {{{1}}}".

Footer Message / Information Boxes[edit]

Short notes to be placed at the bottom of pages.

Footer Tables[edit]

Tables placed at the bottom of an article which link to related articles.


  • TOCright - Forces the Table of Contents to show on the right and not in-line with the text.
  • Color box - A colored box with text. Spans margin to margin. Choose color and border color. Used in many other templates.
  • m3 - Utility to generate properly superscripted {{{1}}} m3.
  • otheruses - Page header to link to disambiguation page consistently
  • tlink - Utility to link to a template with an example.
  • notsigned - Utility to display a signature when a player forgets to sign their comment.