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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Thanatos has done well for itself in New Eden, so much so that it is widely seen as the standard against which other carriers are measured. It sports a generous and well rounded fitting that can accommodate many different tactics, and as anybody would expect of a Gallente ship it has the carrier classes largest drone bay and a drone damage bonus to back it up. These features have made the Thanatos immensely popular with pilots of all races. In particular it excels in small fleet and POS support situations, where versatility and self defense concerns may trump the otherwise overriding need for remote repair capability. Even so it is still a common sight in large fleet ops, and performs these tasks with the same uniform excellence as it does everything else. This success quite literally isn't without its cost though. Expect to pay 10-25% more for a Thanatos than any other racial carrier.

Specialist modules that can be fitted to this ship are:

Name Meaning[edit]

Thanatos is the Greek word for Death.

Additional Images[edit]

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