The Crystal Dust Compound

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The Crystal Dust Compound[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Tvink system of the Ani constellation.


This is a secluded factory site operated by some Thukker tribe nomads. It is used to manufacture various illicit substances, most notable the brand new Crystal Dust neural boosters. The Thukker tribe have used the Ani constellation for several decades as a base for illegal operations and to hide themselves or valuable stash in. They're not too happy with the increasing Republic authority in the constellation, but are hoping that by laying low will keep them under the Republic's radar.

Of more immediate concern for the Thukker nomads here is the Angel cartel, which has earmarked the Ani constellation as an area ideal for organized crime. Even if the cartel and the Thukker tribe are nominally allies when it comes to dealing with the empires, the cartel is renown to tolerate no competition in those areas they consider their own.


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