The Hyperbole Nexus

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Hyperbole Nexus[edit]


A COSMOS exploration site located in the Barkrik system of the Ani constellation is marked by a beacon.


Before the technology for employing crystals for faster-than-light communications was invented various other techniques were used to bolster celestial communications. Half a millennia ago the Amarrians discovered a space phenomenon, places in space that seemed to echo with other similar places elsewhere. They learnt to tap into these echoes, greatly boosting the strength of communication devices. Though these places are today largely neglected, there are some people that feel a connection them. The Hyperbole Nexus is one such a place.


Akraun Maertigor[edit]

Six Kin Development (Administrator/Level 2/Quality 0/Event)

The Lullaby Mission[edit]

Mwaku Ristiger[edit]

Republic Parliament (Legal/Level 3/Quality 0/Event)

Scandal In Barkrik Mission[edit]

Jippon Frain[edit]

Sebiestor Tribe (Intelligence/Level 4/Quality 0/Event)

Cyberganker Mission[edit]