The Laughing Men (Player alliance)

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Name The Laughing Men
Ticker U-ALL
Type Wormhole
Founded YC111.06.26
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Caesium
Diplomat(s) NA
Public Channel LM PUB
Website The Laughing Men
Executor LM Holding
Members Spectral Forces
Nova Security Systems
Tower of Ravens
New Age Solutions
Frontier Digital Nexus
Swarm of Lawless Mutants
Glass Candy Coalition
Equilupus Heavy Industries
Phalanx Armament
Isotope Laboratories
The Colour Out of Space
Red Light Exploration
Raven Dynamics
Dead Poets Society

The Laughing Men is an alliance currently living in a class 6 wormhole, dubbed "ANK". Unlike most wormhole alliances Laughing Men is not highly centralized and allows its member corps to pursue their own goals and realize their own profits. This has led to an incredibly diverse set of activities including alliance C5 and C6 sleeper ops, asteroid and gas mining, planetary interaction, T3 production, piracy, drug manufacturing, and more.


The Laughing Men operate as a confederation of independent corporations. Each corp maintains its own facilities and manages its own affairs. The alliance comes together to run operations, scan the myriad exits needed to secure and sustain ANK, and to PVP. Only CTA actions are considered strictly mandatory.


The Laughing Men maintain a politically neutral NBSI stance towards outside pilots. Laughing Men will consider any non-alliance pilot in ANK an enemy and attempt to send them back to highsec by all available means.


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