The Maze

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Complex Details
The Maze
Signature Strength 1.25%
Type Unknown
DED rating 10/10
Security 0.0
Known Regions Tenal,Venal, Tribute, Pure Blind
Pirate type Guristas

The Maze is a DED 10/10 ranked complex and therefore should be regarded to being amongst the higher echelons in terms of difficulty and not to be entered into lightly. The name is highly appropriate for this complex and can leave many a explorer confused and bewildered as they gaze upon a myriad acceleration gates, designed to protect the inner sanctum from prying minds and seperate small groups, isolating each member and leaving them alone and at the mercy of the residents inside.

Room 1[edit]

File:The maze popup.jpg

After using the acceleration gate you are thrust into a room protected by 6 Dire Frigate class and 12 Battleship class npcs. These npcs do not need to be cleared to carry on further into the complex, but most experienced explorers will ensure that this group meets their demise - as those taking a wrong turn will eventually return to this room and be at the mercy of pirate npcs.

Once the room is clearerd of danger by destroying the group, there is a choice of twelve acceleration gates. Only one of these gates will lead deeper inside the complex. The remaining acceleration gates will lead you around in circles, ever returning you to where you began.





Room 2[edit]


After successfully navigating the correct acceleration gate you arrive in the second room of The Maze. Once again you will be confronted by a group occupying this area, with the single notion of defending entry further into the inner sanctum from intruders... and if you haven't realised it by now, then maybe all those ships starting to blink red on your overview as they lock, you will make you realise that you are the intruder here.

This room consists of (approx) 5 Battleship class; 15 Cruiser class; 12 Dire Frigate class; and 10-20 Frigate class npcs.

Once again you are faced with a choice of twelve acceleration gates, of which only one will lead further inside the complex.


Room 3[edit]

As your ship decelerates into this third room, you are blinded by the lightning storms erupting in the distance all around this deadspace pocket... ...but once again there is not too much time to enjoy the scenery as you are confronted by a small wave of enemy ships. This room consists of 4 Dire Frigate class; 8 Cruiser class; and 2 Battleship class npcs.

This area only has a choice of four acceleration gates. Take the wrong gate as in previous rooms and you will find yourself back at the start area. Successfully choosing the correct gate sends you into the next area.


Room 4[edit]

This room comprises the smallest amount of defending npcs so far. There is a total of 14 npcs in this room; a mixture of Cruiser and Frigate class. Two acceleration gates lead out of this area. One will once again return you to the starting area of The Maze, while the other will send you to the final room and most challenging area in The Maze.


Room 5[edit]




This room contains a mixture of frigates, cruisers, and battleships along with cruise missile batteries and the fleet outpost (firing Thor Citadel Torpedoes). Upon attacking the outpost 4 battleships spawn. The outpost will release more waves of defenders as it takes damage. Upon the outpost's destruction a jetcan will appear with a 23rd Tier Overseer's Personal Effects and possibly additional loot including Pith-X Type modules or a Rattlesnake BPC.

There are 4 additional spawns that occur at damage intervals on the station. A spawn will occur at half-shield, half-armor. two-thirds structire and one third structure. Once you have reduced the station to one third structure you may as well finish it off before dealing with the spawn.


Initial Spawn (if you can tank this the rest is pretty easy):

  • ~18 Dire frigates
  • ~5 destroyer
  • 5 Cruiser
  • 10 battleships
  • 4 Stasis Webificiation Tower
  • 8 Cruise Missile Batteries

First Spawn (happens after attacking the station):

  • 4 Battleships

Second Spawn (happens at roughly half shields):

  • 5 Elite Frigates
  • 4 Elite Cruisers

Third Spawn (happens at roughly half armor):

  • 5 Elite Cruisers
  • 8-10 Cruisers

Fourth Spawn (happens at two thirds structure):

  • 5 Elite Cruisers
  • 6 Battleships

Fifth Spawn (happens at one third structure):

  • 8 Elite Frigates
  • 8 Battleships

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