The Obsidian Front (Player Alliance)

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Name The Obsidian Front
Ticker FRONT
Type Universal
Founded November 12, 2009
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Ynot Eyob
Diplomat(s) Team 1:
Xaine Vex
Nimajneb Vex
Team 2:
Captain Curry
Public Channel PUBLIC FRONT
Executor -
Members Shadow Wolves
Entire Service Agency
Midnight Clockwork
Counter Insurgency Ops
Nisroc Angels
Obsidian Holdings
Silesian Manufacture and Research
Empyrean Warriors
Black Stump Industries Aust.
Order Collective
DRACO Corporation
Gravometric Invention Manufacturing Partnership

Obsidian is a stone, that most consider worthless, but given the right attention and crafting, obsidian can be one of the sharpest and deadliest of all the stones. Let us make good on the nature of obsidian.

Obsidian, not just a stone. New Eden is truly vast, and with it comes the resources that drive the engines of growth. We as people of this place command the heavens and the planets that rest within its depths. Before the gate closed on the life before and the calendar was reset, there was and always has been a drive for precious metals and stones for trade, as currency within the economy and from which the value of ISK is derived. But abundance makes what is valuable common place like the abundance of tritanium drives down the cost, and only through quantity comes profit. Some materials have no intrinsic value like dirt blowing around the corridors of a station.

There is another side to what is of value, a side that is not always as clear to see but is far more dangerous as a driver for possession. This value is born out of the hearts and souls of individuals who are brought together and seek meaning, who value the worth of something, not for its intrinsic value as a product, but for what it represents and the sometimes mystical properties it possesses.

Corporations are established for many reasons, and by the deeds they forge a presence in the galaxy. Alliances bring together corporations that have an affinity to work together and function as one when the need arises. These Alliances hold the standard, the rules and the essence of every individual, of every corporation and represent something greater than the sum of its parts.

Obsidian, a stone chosen to represent an alliance, a body of like-minded people who have come together and form the Obsidian Front, a name chosen to represent a people, a way of life, and the essence of a belief, and for some even a religious conviction.

This is a statement of fact, a federation, an Alliance for which, Obsidian, a stone born out of fire and brimstone, burns in the heart of the Alliance like the stars themselves and yet shows no indication of its power till it is struck, and the shards cut to the very core of those who stand in its way. This stone represents who we are and what we represent, the very essence of our being. To own a true shard of obsidian is to represent power and once given stays deep inside, and no one can take it from you, the stone signifies this and all places were the birth of this stone occurs are considered sacred and those that seek it do so at their peril, those that covet it do so of their soul, and those that respect its presence gain ours also.