The Veldatar

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Veldatar is an Avatar class Amarr Titan located in low security Amarr space. Piloted by Chribba, this warship poses no threat to anyone or anything unless your last name is 'ore'.

Not much is known about the latest addition to the Veldfleet. The Veldatar was discovered on February 8th, 2009[1] at an unarmed small POS in the Amarr lowsec system of Sahda. Chribba himself released pictures of his Avatar to the public, showing him mining in a belt using drones and modulated deep core miners.


The current fitting of the Veldatar is known to be:

High-Slots: 5x Modulated Deep Core Miner II + Veldspar Mining Crystal II, 1x Jump Portal Generator I, 1x Judgement, 1x Improved Cloaking Device II

Med-Slots: 5x Capacitor Recharger II

Low-Slots: 2x Capital Armor Repairer I, 1x Damage Control II, 1x Centus X-Type Armor Explosive Hardener, 1x Centus X-Type Armor EM Hardener,
1x Centus X-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener, 1x Centus X-Type Armor Thermal Hardener, 1x Corpum A-Type Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane

Rig-Slots: 2x CCCII, 1x CCCI

Drones: 5x Mining Drone II

The exact mining yield and cargo space of the Veldatar are currently unknown.


Without GUI
Without GUI