The Veldnaught

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

The Veldnaught is a Revelation class Amarr dreadnought located in the vast space of Amarr (1.0). Piloted by Chribba, this warship poses no threat to anyone or anything unless your last name is 'ore'. Fitted with Mining Lasers, Mining Drones and Cargo Expanders, its purpose in New Eden is to roam the asteroid belts for veldspar.

The Veldnaught was built in Amarr Prime back in 2005 using the manufacturing slots in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy. The manufacturing job was completed merely days before NPC restrictions to high-sec capital manufacturing were put in place.

At this time more capital class vessels were built in high-sec. While most pilots used cynosural fields to jump their ships into low-sec, the Veldnaught remained and is today the only confirmed capital class ship (excluding freighters and Orcas) located in 1.0 security space. While some might suspect that CCP would take action against the "offending" ship, it is (unofficially) acknowledged that the Veldnaught shall be allowed to remain in Amarr in appreciation for all that its owner, Chribba, has done for the EVE community.


The current fitting of the Veldnaught is known to be;

High-Slots: 3x ORE Miners, 1x Auto Targeter II

Med-Slots: 1x Gist X-Type 100MN MicroWarpDrive, 1x Survey Scanner II, 1x Capital Shield Boster I, 1x Large Shield Booster II

Low-Slots: 8x Limited Expanded 'Archiver' Cargo I

Rig-Slots: 2x Cargohold Optimization II, 1x Cargohold Optimization I

Drones: 5x Mining Drone II

The current setup gives an effective mining laser yield of 295.3125m3 per minute (excluding bonuses) and a cargo capacity of 25,153.7m3 (83,845.5m3 before the capital fuel bays were introduced).