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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Current status[edit]

Tusko Hopkins is the CEO of HUN Corp, executor of the HUN Reloaded alliance. He is fulfilling the role of vice secretary in the second CSM.

Ingame records[edit]

Tusko was "born" on the 19th May 103. He spent about a year in empire, then moved to 0.0 where he is located since.

Corps of interest[edit]

Alliance tournament[edit]

Tusko was flying on AT4 and AT5. His team (HUN Reloaded) has won the 4th Alliance Tournament and fell out in the semifinals of the 5th tourney.

CSM Activity[edit]

Tusko has been a candidate to the first two new-generation CSMs.

CSM 1[edit]

On the elections of the first council Tusko received 689 votes, which was not enough to become a full member of the council. He has been serving as the first alternate throughout the season. Near the end of the cycle, Hardin, a full member of the CSM has withdrawn, so Tusko became a full member, although only for a short period of time.

CSM 2[edit]

On the elections of the second council he received 935 votes, which were sufficient to become a member in the council. On the first meeting the members voted on the positions, Tusko became the vice secretary of the council.

Other EVE-related activities[edit]


Tusko is an administrator and forum moderator of the Hungarian EVE Portal


Tusko has developed a proprietary killboard engine which has been in use by different corps and alliances. At this moment it is serving as the semi-public killboard for all Hungarian corps. The killboard engine and website is still in development.