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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


Raised by: Dierdra Vaal
Submission Date: 17-08-2008
Issue ID: 0070


This issue is a proposal to introduce ‘slash commands’ to the Eve user interface. These should be commands to make using the Eve user interface easier to use – not to allow players to control their ship through text based commands. These commands would not add additional functionality to the UI, but make functionality that currently requires navigating several UI windows available through a single text based command.

It should be possible to type these commands in any Eve chat window input field. In case of ambiguity concerning the command input, a selection window can be displayed similar to the current ‘auto link’ functionality.

These commands should include, but not be limited to:

Start a conversation with another player
/convo [player name]

Open the market details of a specific item:
/market [item name]

Set your auto pilot destination or waypoint
/destination [solar system name]
/waypoint [solar system name]

Display the information window of an object (player/item/location/etc) in eve /info [name]

Potential Solutions[edit]

CCP implements the slash commands. While it is known that the chat system is separate from the world simulation (illustrated by the discrepancy between the in game time and chat time stamps), the chat input and output are displayed in a UI window that is part of the client. Therefore, the two systems do ‘meet’ at some level, and it should be technically possible to implement these commands (parse text input in the UI before passing it to the chat system for example). We can see commands like this were possible in the past:

Implementing this would make it a lot easier and faster to execute certain tasks, while not providing a gameplay advantage to the user, or be a macro vulnerability. Avoiding macro vulnerability can be done by taking care which commands to introduce. For example, opening an info window on an item is unlikely to be exploitable by macro miners.

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