Unit XS365BT proposed Theory on the Origin of Rogue Drones

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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt



The theories behind the disappearance of both the talocan and 'sleeper' species are generally in line with the theories on the jove, specifically that they moved on, however we do not believe that this is the case.

Several references within sleeper constructed databases mention research into talocan technologies, and research into viruses.

this information has led us to a startling and wide reaching theory concerning the Talocan, Sleepers and Rogue drone populations, and the potential links between them.

to explain we should start at the beginning.

Firstly, we believe that the Sleepers were originally the Talocan equivalent of the capsuleer.

Instead of being physically attached to their vessel via a capsule however, they were remotely linked to it, while their physical forms lay in a talocan structure. in essence, they were a form of expendable military force, controlled from afar and used for scouting and defensive matters.

During the early development of these remote drones, it was decided that, due to their expendable nature, some form of failsafe would need to be employed, in case a talocan 'capsuleer' decided to take actions against the will of the talocan leadership. (the CONCORD of talocans in effect) this failsafe is still in place. as can be seen with the warp-drive detonator incorporated into every sleeper drone.

as can be seen from the tensions between capsuleers today and the baseline human population, those who do not posess the power and prestige of capsuleer status can be fearful, or even directly violent towards capsuleers. a war between these two groups is possible.

translated into the past, with talocan and sleeper entities, this tension could have resulted in war.

the first acts of the sleeper populations would have been to repurpose the sleeper drone failsafe as a self destruct. removing control of the device from the talocan, and find a method to fully transcend their physical form, becomming infomorphic instead of biological.

the transition to infomorphs was required as the 'sleeping' controllers of the drones would be incredibly susceptible to Talocan counter-assault. whereas infomorphic data can be transmitted prior to the destruction of a 'drone' and re-incorporated into the next drone to be built.

the war between these two advanced species appears to have ravaged both sides. however it is apparent that the sleepers gained the upper hand. It is at this time that we believe the Talocan released a morphic AI-virus into the sleeper population, in a last ditch attempt to save themselves. while this failed, it caused the sleepers to slowly degenerate into the drones we now meet, instead of the advanced infomorphic society they became. It appears that this was a slow process however, as they had sufficient time to create whole new structures in Anoikis, that appear to be primarily designed for function rather than aesthetics. (though they are still interesting to look at)

This leads us to two specific headings in the site known as the mirror.

Triage - This is where the sleepers examined damaged Infomorphic data, to discern the cause of the damage,

Quarrantine - This is where virally infected infomorphic data was placed prior to transmission to a Virus Vault of some form. (all anti-viral programs available today use this principle. quarrantining suspected files until a decision or diagnosis is completed regarding their status)

it is our theory, at this time, that the sleepers, when they had isolated virally infected infomorphs, and diagnosed them as 'unrecoverable' that they transmitted these infomorphs to a distant region of space, far from their homes, in the hope of removing the viral taint from their species.

This leads us to Operation Spectrum Breach. (OSB)

While the potential remains that the 6 named drones from the Code Aria report were responsible for the event that caused this operation's failure, we believe that the aforementioned drones were involved in other activities at this time.

It is our theory that the worker drones within the OSB area of operations uncovered the secure data storage device that contained the damaged infomorphic data sent to this region of space by the sleepers. the speed of infection amongst the drones across 8 linked regions of space appears to be far in advance of new eden technology of the time, therefore it is a feasible assumption that some outside influence was at work.

this theory would explain both the speed of OSB drone infection and the current apparrent link between the supposed awakened sleeper infomorph known only as 'Awakened Infomorph' and the Rogue drone forces that have recently appearred within the Eve constellation.

it would also explain why in several locations throughout the cluster, there are rogue drone elements that do not follow the standard practices of the rogue drones that are most commonly encountered within the cluster.

It is these discrepancies that we believe the 'named' drones from the Code Aria reports were actively working upon during the time of the OSB event.

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