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About Me[edit]

Kyle Maxwell is a happily married father of two and information security investigator from Dallas, Texas. Known among many of his friends as “the übergeek,” he has a degree in mathematics and a deep passion for science fiction. Previously, he played Star Wars Galaxies, where he served a short stint as the Roleplay Senator under the name "Kupyi Labe" (also known as "Joron Darkdust" at that time) and has now moved from the Galaxy Far Far Away to New Eden for the foreseeable future.

He primarily plays one character in EVE Online: Casiella Truza, a trader, hacker & solo researcher. Primarily, he focuses on gameplay with added yummy cyberpunk roleplay flavor, spending most of his EVE time on market PVP, exploration, and writing. He also stays highly active in blogging about EVE and related social media like Twitter.

He has a strong interest in the background of the Minmatar, particularly the Thukker, Sebiestor, and Starkmanir.

He writes the blog Ecliptic Rift and frequently participates in Twitter as @casiella. At this time, he plays the characters Casiella Truza, obviously, as well as various alts.

Wiki Stuff[edit]