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Crisis of Faith?[edit]

Looks like Jean Roden got pissed that Ashkessa Valerius deleted the navigation bars from half his articles and now he's deleting all the content he made. I highly suggest you contact him immediately, do not delete his pages, and sort this out. It looks like some of your best editors are feeling abused and are starting to to fray,. You should tell CCP to give them/us some substantial support/recognition or you risk losing (even more of) them. --Faulx 20:12, 7 February 2013 (GMT)

Moving Log Server Files[edit]

"Moving the log server files" needs categories added so its easier to find. Salpun 9-8-2012 1100 UTC

          "Log Server" Guides Category added   22 May 2013
          Salpun 5-22-2013  2000 UTC


Are we adding Inferno banners to all top-level portals & categories? I don't see why one was added to the Fiction Portal when none of the others (Guides, Getting Started, Community) have it, and to be frank it distracts from the contents of the page.--CCP Abraxas 10:07, 20 September 2012 (GMT)

Re: Banners[edit]

I was updating the style of Portal:Alliance Conflict and used it there. I agree that a more portal specific image would work better. I also agree that something smaller and less intrusive would probably be best.

ISD Detroit 16:32, 2 October 2012 (GMT)

Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

Please make sure you use the updated format in Angel Forlorn Den, it has been updated to match the format we where working towards.

Also, as a general rule, we try to use the W-space Anomalies, for exampe Core Stronghold as an example of how to format the articles.

And on a third note, we try to keep the information as immersive as possible, without hindrance of the informational value of the article; we try to use sentences as 'second wave' as opposed to 'second spawn'. Exploration is (or at least was) supposed to have strong ties with the eve lore and backstory. I always try to stick to this tradition wherever possible.

Elisa Fir 10:52, 3 October 2012 (GMT)

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

Thanks for the reference article. I'll use that from now on.

With regards to the term waveI am fine with the terminology in the sense that wave implies a sequential progress. For sites that have an non-sequential progression, though, might there be a better term?

There are a number of terms that might indicate the relation of the new group to the previous group like reinforcements or reserve units. There are also terms that defines the new group as a small unit that exists as a member of a larger whole. Many modern military units might suffice: fireteam, squad , section. Also, there are terms that define the event of encountering the new group: engagement , battle , skirmish

Maybe a clearer and more accurate term can be used for encounters that are very asynchronous.

ISD Detroit 19:42, 3 October 2012 (GMT)

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

A few further comments:

  1. The Core Stronghold article doesn't include information regarding the qualities of the anomaly in relation to other similar anomalies. I've adopted the introduction paragraph from the Forlorn Den article as a good way to indicate the general qualities and initial expectations of the anomaly.
  2. The Core Stronghold article doesn't indicate the relationships between different triggers and the corresponding waves. I've gone ahead and numbered the triggers and sometimes even gone so far as to indicate whether the trigger is always one absolute target, incorporates a group of targets, or is a highest bounty ship within a group.
  3. In some other articles, I've added descriptors after each wave title indicating the trigger for the wave.
  4. The Core Stronghold article doesn't have any standard placement for ship bounties as sleepers don't provide bounty payouts. Another user added a final line within each wave describing the total bounty payout, and I think it works well. The format ~10,000 ISK in bounties seems to work well.
  5. Is there a shorter and more concise term that might work instead of "Loot, salvage & bounties" .. The term "Plunder" indicates the forceful taking of resources by force. Bounties, though are something a group in authority distributes.

--ISD Detroit 19:58, 3 October 2012 (GMT)

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

Might I suggest Sansha Watch as a good example of formatting and showing good relationships between waves/groups. The Sansha Hideout is a good example of where to put bounties; a section summing the total value of the bounties should be called "Bounties" if it exists at all. No section should attempt to place an isk value on a site, because a.) the loots dropped and subsequently their innate worth can vary dramatically and b.) the market value can fluctuate dramatically over time rendering large portions of the wiki inaccurate. Until isk values are pulled directly from the current market data or are somehow invariant (like bounties), they should not be referenced. Thus any reference to "loot and salvage" should avoid referencing very common loot, instead emphasizing rarer loots through the {{special|wreckage may contain ???}} (wreckage may contain ???) template, and use very general terms and phrases like "Centii A-type Modules" or "Tech 2 salvage". --2056 10.03.2012 Faulx

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

@Faulx I feel that the Sansha Watch article could use some improvements.

  1. I feel like the "please note" template should eventually be replaced by something less intrusive on the body of text. This might be better represented by an addition to the Complex Template on the right, changing the ship's inline notes about EWAR to something more visually catching and self-explanatory, or the creation of an additional template that can be placed along side the body of text instead of in the middle of it.
  2. There is often a few lines of leading whitespace in most article. Watch the inclusion of additional blank lines around templates, as the wiki does not automatically remove them. Instead it assumes that the user intended for the article to have whitespace before the template, after the template, and therefore two blank lines before the beginning of the article.
  3. The warp in message followed by quote template should probably be replaced by a dedicated template that can be utilized across all anomalies with a warp in message
  4. The spacing between each wave should be more pronounced. It is easy to visually associate the line titled "wave 2" as part of the previous body of text. The main visual boundaries are the quote templates indicated the local chat.
  5. A new template should be created to represent the local chat messages of each wave. It should probably be more subtle in an effort to prevent it from visually overwhelming the wave titles
  6. Spaces after numeric amounts and before a letter "x" really help overcome the visual downfalls of the site's font. Without a space, the minimal letter spacing can make the number+x combination visually muddled.
  7. When a wave has more than one ship/structure of the same type that trigger different things, they should probably be separated into individual different entries each with a (Trigger) template. This will ensure a clear indication of the number of triggers in each wave.

ISD Detroit 20:49, 7 October 2012 (GMT)

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

@ISD Detroit, Your points are all valid,

  1. I just used 'wave' as an example, I see nothing wrong with 'reinforcements', 'reserve units', 'squad', 'team' or 'backup', they are all in-universe terms.
  2. The core stronghold is what I used before, as a reference for how to format articles; it did not contain information on bounties (non are given on sleepers) nor trigger - wave relation. By now, the Angel Forlorn Den is a better example I think.
  3. I'm not sure we need a onliner, "Loot, salvage & bounties" describes exactly what the paragraph is about.

@Faulx, I agree with that there is no need to add a listing of loot items that can be dropped and instead focus on the rare and expensive loot drops.

  1. The Sansha Watch is indeed a nice example on how to show the relation between triggers and reinforcement waves.
  2. I'm not sure I like the bounty value placement as shown by Sansha Hideout, I think it is clearer to just add a subtotal to each group/wave of rats.

All in all, I think we should update one article to serve as a complete style guide so we can easily point people to this one article if they have any doubt on how to format something --Elisa Fir 08:12, 4 October 2012 (GMT)

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

@Elisa Fir After reading of the discussion and thinking about it, I am starting to favor the term "Reinforcement Group." The term clearly indicates that the group is reinforcing the faction's interest against the pilot. It doesn't indicate the size or organization of the group, so it can be universally applied to single frigates as well as large ten battleship groups.

Re: Cosmic Anomaly Formatting[edit]

Agreed on the example article, any good candidates? Sansha Watch would work if it had bounty info. As for bounties, I could get behind either method, the vast majority of articles don't have any bounty information though and, in my opinion, looking it up is pretty tedious. Maybe bounties should be more like optional "extra credit" information than part of the format goal? --0907 10.04.2012 Faulx

While we're talking, I was wondering if "Pirate Detection Array" information was actually used anywhere? Everywhere I look it's just showing lots of "??"s. Perhaps the template should be adjusted to remove that for the moment, until there's more information to display there. --2121 10.03.2012 Faulx

Discussion Change of Location[edit]

Since the discussion of cosmic anomaly article formatting is now in reference to a specific template article, can the discussion please be moved to the talk page of that article here

Re: DB update[edit]

Is this a complete refactor of the Evelopedia or just a update of the DB information.
Salpun 5-22-2013 2000 UTC
I am not directly involved in the update at the moment. Still waiting to hear back. From my knowledge it won't be a total refactor of the entire site. However, I again don't know much. The post on my user page was a reminder to myself to prepare the time and resources for upcoming work. I'm going to have a talk with the team on this end and find out more information. When I know more, we'll make a forum thread for feedback.
ISD Detroit 05:33, 23 May 2013 (GMT)
I just received word the update is on its way. I don't have a set date, but the changes should arrive with or soon after the new website single sign on changes are complete.
ISD Detroit 02:09, 6 June 2013 (GMT)