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allowing Hardin to change order[edit]

Peacekeeper setup the links for services so people would use the Evelopedia.

He modeled it after the existing link

No one was making improper edits until Hardin came in and put his link at the top of the list on the 'Corp and Alliance Services'. (

Can any new comer just put their listing at the top? Why did you put his back at the top? That's poor form.

Good etiquette would be for each new service to place their service at the bottom of the list.

How will you handle this? (besides the obvious ignore)

removal of FOFF ticker page[edit]

Hi there i just wanted to inquire as to why the page for our ticker was removed? We simply wanted to ensure that when people searched for FOFF (our corporation ticker) they would be guided directly to our evelopedia page (federation of Freedom Fighters) as we intend to use it for recruitment and marketing purposes.

We have already had our ticker removed by ccp once back in 2004 only to now find another corp which was formed only a month ago that has been allowed to use that ticker! We just want to ensure that our identifying tags will not be hijacked again.

If you could explain to me how i might better develop the wiki page regarding our ticker so that it wont be deleted it would be appreciated. kind regards Potes

Band of Brothers (Player alliance)[edit]

Ah, thanks for fixing the category designation at the top of Band of Brothers (Player alliance). I completely failed to notice it being changed when I did a search/replace for the other occurences of [[Category:%s]].

Auto linking[edit]

By the way, I see autolinking vandalised the page again, adding obnoxious/redundant links ... such as irrelevant links like PIE and industrial (without them contextually referring to the corporation and vessel class) - as well as BoB, Band of Brothers (Player alliance), coalition, Goonswarm etc. being the offenders of redundancy.

Is there any way to avoid this automatic behaviour? I can imagine if I just missed a check box somewhere - I still have the clean article as a draft; Elyon Itari/Band of Brothers (Player alliance).

I've also started a subsection on this matter at Talk:Band of Brothers (Player alliance)#Correcting_Links, and added this as an example to the discussion at Talk:Main Page#Auto linking is overzealous

Elyon Itari 12:17, 14 February 2009 (UTC)


2009.02.15 Oh well, I understand you would want to keep vanity redirects to a minimum, sorry about that. Thought that redirections would keep it clean.

I would please like to keep however a Catherine Delorois (Character) page redirected to Quintrala (Character). The first is my RP full name and the other is the in-game character name - I have gone as far as creating an alt ingame just to keep the name blocked. Mine mine mine.


-- 2009.08.17 OK, thanks for the explanation. I think it does make a lot of sense in cases where the character and alt are not supposed quite the same (i.e. Clark Kent - Superman). In this case they are however the same so I would like to do what the help page on redirects suggests ("If a page name is vaguely meaningful there's no harm (and some benefit) in having it as a redirect to the most relevant existing page in your wiki.") Much like Gordon Sumner -> Sting; Edson Arantes do Nascimento -> Pelé. Content from a RP point of view should be the same.

As for the other redirects... marking territory? LOL <blush> yes... I will not do that anymore. Thanks again.

Clearing out Autolinks from now deleted Redirects[edit]

I am slowly working my way through the Special:Wantedpages and found "The room" as a wanted page; the majority of these wanted pages are chronicles that got caught in an update when "The room" was a redirect to a chronicle. Someone in ISD/CCP will have to adjust those pages to remove the now broken vandalizing links. --Dex Nederland 15:24, 28 June 2009 (GMT)

Naming conventions[edit] Can you take a look there and delete the page EAFs, which is breaking the naming convention (plural form)? Or am I mistaken that naming conventions do apply to redirect pages as well?
--SentryRaven 10:59, 20 March 2009 (UTC)

New Categories?[edit]


Can you please open up some fitting categories and sub categories for a list of services like this?

This Thread is moved from Stick and should be tranfered to EVElopedia.

I´ve made the start with our service: Tech 3 Shop.

Now we need the right categorie and a movement to this new categories.

I thought about one head categorie like: Compiled List of Active Shops and Services

and sub cathegories(may marked as stub):

  1. BPO Stores
  2. BPC Stores
  3. Copying, Research, and Invention Services
  4. DIY Research Slots
  5. Manufacturing Stores
  6. Component Packages
  7. POS Fueling
  8. POS Anchoring
  9. Corp & Alliance Services
  10. Standing Services
  11. Jump Clones
  12. Freight Service
  13. Financial Services
  14. Hosting
  15. Eve Graphics
  16. Everything Else

in each sub categorie the services are linked with external www, Forumsposts or with internal EVElopedia link like our Tech 3 Shop.

--Peacekeeper2003 13:08, 27 May 2009 (GMT)

DONE waiting for approval --Peacekeeper2003 09:53, 28 May 2009 (GMT)
Peacekeeper2003, I have adjusted some of the changes you have made. Please see your talk page for more information. --ISD Crystal Carbonide 10:24, 28 May 2009 (GMT)

Main page[edit]

Hey, I mentioned this around 2-3 weeks ago on the talkpage for the main page, regarding a formatting error (linky). No one seems to have gone to fix it or even noticed... Any chance you could take a look at it please? Thanks, Daquaris 18:05, 3 October 2009 (UTC) .