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I reverted your edit to the aforementioned template because I couldn't see a good reason for a -20px margin and you left no explanation in your edit summary.

If you were to explain why you feel the template needs this margin in a future edit or in response to this I could assess your edit and perhaps approve it, if the reasoning made sense :-)

--ISD Eschatologist 13:37, 23 December 2009 (UTC)

Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I would have thought I explained it well enough in the templates Template_talk:TOCright page, but perhaps not. =P I can see why you reverted my edits, so let me try to explain a little more in detail. =)
The reason for the -20px is because the table that surrounds the TOC has a top-margin of 10px. And the table that this template adds also has a top margin of 10px (the table element in the CSS dictates these two things). That adds up to 20px for the top margin. Since the TOCright table is aligned to the right, these top margins aren't necessary and can break the layout and spacing of articles.
Take the Missions Guide for example. It may seem like it's fine even without the -20px. However, that's because it looks like the templates are cached, and so the template that it is using is not the latest revision that you reverted - it is still using the template that I modified (the one with -20px). In order for the new template revision to take effect, you would need to edit the Missions guide article so that it sort of 'refreshes' everything to it's newest version. But I digress. If you wish to see the article with the current, reverted template, go to edit the article and hit "Show Preview". Or you can review a past revision from the History which will apply the most recent revisions of templates. This will show you a significant gap between where the "Intro" heading is and the "Contents" heading is. This is what it looks like without the -20px: tacky and unprofessional.
Another example is the Fitting Ships guide. Like the Missions Guide, it is not using the most recent version of the TOCright template: it's using an old template revision of mine in which I used -10px instead of -20px (I originally and incorrectly choose -10px because of other unrelated things effecting the position that I have since fixed). But you can do that same thing as before to see the current templates in effect: go to edit, then "Show Preview". Or click here to see a page from the history in which the latest version of the template is applied. It will show a significant gap just like the Missions Guide did.
All of this can be verified by looking at the source: on the Missions Guide, the source says that the TOCright table still has -20px applied to the top margin rather than you're reverted edit to have none, and on the Fitting Ships article is still has -10px from an earlier revision. These articles have yet to be updated since the template revision, so they still retain the old template in cache.
Anyway, this is why I choose to add a -20px margin to the top. It just makes everything a bit more streamlined and professional looking. I think the article caching is what's throwing everyone off because the newest template changes aren't going into effect when changed, but rather they go into effect when the article is revised. It's confusing. @_@
I look forward to further discussion on this issue if you're still uneasy about undoing the revert. =) --Sable Blitzmann 21:45, 23 December 2009 (UTC)
Hi, feel free to make your edit again and I'll approve it- makes sense, and yes, article caching is thoroughly broken and confuses things no end. Hopefully that'll get sorted out some day. --ISD Eschatologist 22:15, 23 December 2009 (UTC)