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The Vagabond is a Minmatar Heavy Assault Cruiser based on the Stabber class. It's currently the potentially fastest HAC in the game, and is the game's prime candidate for speed tanking.

In the standard approach to fitting (referred to as the nano-vaga), the Vagabond has 5 auto-cannons, then uses it's low slots for damage increasing gyrostabs and speed increasing modules such as overdrive injectors, while the mids are dedicated to a microwarp drive, a point, and a shield extender to give a buffer of hitpoints. The remaining slots are then filled up as appropriate to one's planned usage and grid requirements. Since the Vagabond often does not carry a web, a good option for the 6th high slot is a medium energy neutralizer, which can be very effective against smaller ships.

The nano-vaga is expensive and difficult to fly, but by selectively triggering it's microwarp drive on and off, it's usually able to maintain a 17-20 km orbit distance where it can fight at the edge of it's falloff, out of the range of other close range cruisers and heavy assault cruisers. In case of emergencies, the pilot is also often able to disengage, align to a celestial object, and warp out once out of range of enemy tacklers and warp bubbles.

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