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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


The Vexor's drones are its biggest strength. When combined with a set of blasters or railguns, the Vexor can put out a surprising amount of damage.

The Vexor is suprisingly versatile and can perform a number of roles. It works well as a mining ship - although it doesn't mine as much per second as the Osprey or Scythe, the large drone bay allows it to defend itself better against NPC pirates which will show up in asteroid belts in and below 0.8 security, making it possibly prefered for a solo miner without friendly pilots to deal with hostile npcs. It also recieves a bonus to mining drones which can put it almost on par with the Osprey or Scythe. Additionally, the Vexor has a large sized cargo hold for a Cruiser hull (480m3), allowing it to carry surplus ammo, ore and loot.

It's often prefered by players over the Thorax for PvE due to its bigger cargohold (more room for loot dropped by the NPCs and ammo), selectable damage type from drones to some extent and better range/damage at range from drones. Like most drone focused ships, its able to fit various non-weapon modules in the highslots without reducing its damage output as much as the thorax would (Tractor beams, Salvagers, Cloak, Nosferatu etc.) Also the inability to use MicroWarpdrives in Deadspace where many missions take place means the Thorax loses out on one of its ship bonuses (cap penalty reduction from MicroWarpdrives).

In Player versus Player combat Vexor's are often fitted with buffer tank, a Mixture of Heavy, Medium and Light drones for high damage, and undersized weapons in the highslots, and a microwarpdrive. although it gets a bonus to Medium hybrid turrets it's often difficult to fit them after a MicroWarpdrive and a plate or armor repair unit. Other players take advantage of the Vexor's large cargo hold and low-reliance on ammo to carry a good supply of capacitor booster charges, to run cap intensive modules like Medium Armor Repair units and the MicroWarpdrive for extended periods of time. The Vexor is regarded as one of the hardest hitting cruisers in the game, while still having a decent hitpoint buffer, although other players attempting to destroy its drones can lower its damage output greatly should they succeed.

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