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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Navy Vexor (PVP)[edit]

The Navy Vexor tends to be overlooked in PVP as they are rarely ever spotted in combat and seem to be in small numbers for sale by contract.

The Navy Vexor is a hard hitting variant of the Vexor chasis and when fit properly is cheaper then an Ishtar while providing more DPS and a decent tank.

With the right set up, you'll find yourself packing five blasters plus two Heavy Drones, Two Mediums and a single Scout. This could bring your DPS into the mid 600's and more depending on your skills and implants of course.

Being a cruiser the survivability of the Navy Vexor even in small gangs is low when going up against larger ship types, but pair these DPS beasts with Guardians and you'll find yourself in a hard hitting gang with enough buffer to keep you alive long enough for the logitical support to be effective, and the ability to take on small gangs of BCs or even BSs.

The Vexor Navy Issue is a faction cruiser available from the Gallente faction loyalty point stores.

Loyalty Point Store Offer[edit]

1 Vexor Navy Issue Cruiser

Vexor Navy Issue Images[edit]

Vexor Navy Issue Screenshot
Vexor Navy Issue Screenshot