Vigilia Valeria (Player alliance)

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File:VV logo sw eve.png
Name Vigilia Valeria
Ticker -VV-
Type Roleplay
Founded June 25th, 2006
Status Active
Contact details
Alliance CEO Gangleri
Diplomat(s) Gangleri
Dantalus Portos
Public Channel VVPublic
Executor Vigilia Valeria Regens Muneris
Members Vigilia Valeria Regens Muneris
1st Praetorian Guard
Imperial Star Guards
Vigilia Valeria Expeditionary Forces


The Vigilia Valeria Alliance [-VV-] exists to ensure the safety of the Amarrian Empire from internal and external threats as well as to aggressively further its goals abroad. That may include patrols of areas with heightened malicious activity, opening of hostilities on corporations and alliances that threaten the safety of Amarrian citizens or property and also pre-emptive and retaliatory strikes at targets beyond the Empire's borders.

Pilots of the Vigilia Valeria have sworn to bring down judgment upon the enemies of the Empire by employing only those space vessels that have been manufactured through the knowledge inspired by the one and true God. By this we prove our dedication to the Empire and demonstrate to the universe the superiority of Amarrian designs.

The Vigilia Valeria hereby extend an invitation to all those corporations who fulfill the following criteria:

1. Loyalty to the Amarr Empire and Emperor.
2. Amarr, Ni-Kunni and Khanid bloodline only member base.
3. Pilots are restricted to piloting Amarr and Khanid hulls only.
4. Willingness to lay down their lives for Empire and Empress in regular battles against their enemies.
5. Willingness to cooperate closely with the other member corporations in terms of area of deployment and common goals.

May the Empire prosper and may God bless Empress Jamyl Sarum!