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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt

Voice Comms by Praxis Astra[edit]

To new players (and some old.) I just wanted to clue you in as to how you can guarantee that you remain on the fringes of any online organization while making your efforts to function as part of a team futile.

Hint: All you have to do is stay out of voice comms.

Now some folks do just want to have fun poking around on their own. That's fine with us if this is the case. Just remember that you have an open invitation to the revels and a seat near the hearth any time you want it.

But if you want to be in the thick of what is happening in this or any EVE online organization, you gotta do the same thing you have to do at any party. You have to talk to the other people. You have to get into the corp voice comms.

  • Find out what your corporation's voice server (EVE Voice, TS2 or 3, Mumble, Ventrilo, whatever) and say hi.
  • Getting into your corp's or alliance's voice server will make everything you want to happen in the game happen more easily.
  • That's just the simple human fact of it. Fairness has nothing to do with it.

The voice server is where almost all of the educating, wheeling and dealing, Secret Evil Planning, and bonding takes place. Or to put it another way, who would you rather go the extra mile (or kilometer) with--somebody who is talking in the room with you "face to face" or somebody who only exchanges written messages with you through a slot in a door? (They'd have to be a fracking good writer to keep me interested for long.)

Voice communication is essential to entering the leadership of just about any corporation or alliance, to ops of any kind. (A case could be made for mining ops in Empire Space during peacetime not needing voice comms.)

It really doesn't matter why you don't participate in voice communication. All the other players can judge with any certainly is that, with billions of ISK and our character's lives at stake, you are someone who does not have this essential tool. If your finances are so bad that you don't have $15.00 for a headset, you need to stop reading this and find a job. If you are having tech troubles and are unable to figure them out I got some bad news for you: If you can't figure out how to make a microphone work, you probably won't ever be very good at this game. Perhaps something simpler. Solitaire? Tic tac toe? Finally, if you need further explanation on this point that does not bode well for your ability to function as a part of a team.

EVE Gate[edit]

EVE Gate An excellent way to switch from forums to evemail and back. Also keeping in touch if you can't access the client. This can really matter if you are an officer.

Communication and the Corporation[edit]

Managers take note that failure to communicate dooms your EVE organization. Use the many tools CCP provides such as the corporation bulletins, calendar, corporation chat Channels, a standing fleet, EVE mail, and EVE Voice

You can read more about this and other matters of corporate communications in The Technocrat

The EVE Online Forums[edit]

If you want to get the word out use the EVE forums. They are amazing. The amount of information people are willing to just give away is a data junky's delight.

EVE Forums

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