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All this data is potentially out of date, and should be taken with a truckload of salt


  • Title: Watch List & Broadcasts
  • Raised by: Sokratesz (Character)
  • Submission Date: 11 Dec 2009
  • Issue ID: ???


With kind permission of Marlona I would like to group [url=""]his idea[/url] along with a few others into this proposal aimed at making fleets more enjoyable and improving battlefield logistics.

1) Watch list

a. The maximum number of people on a watch list currently is 10. This is often insufficient, and unless there are profound technical reasons not to, I would like to see this increased to 20 at least.

b. I would like to be able to see, other than the persons name and HP stats, the persons ship type on the watch list. This will greatly help in selecting priorities for logistics pilots. A dictor in half shield may well be in dire trouble - a hictor in half shield might hardly be a concern.

c. The only way to add someone to watch list is to right-click their name, --> fleet, --> add to watchlist. This can be confusing because there are a whole lot of options in both menus, and I would like to see this simplified in some way.

2) Broadcasts

a. The buttons for broadcasting in the new fleet window are way too small. Make them 2x the current size.

b. I would like to see a new position in fleets, dubbed 'targetcaller'. This would be a role that anyone can fill regardless of where they are in the fleet and there should be a maximum of, say, 3 to 5. The target caller position entails that this person, once he selects a target off his overview, gets a single-click option to broadcast this target. He has a small menu where he can see the entire fleet build-up by wing and squad, and he can select with tickboxes which individual squads receive his broadcasts. This would greatly help in picking different targets for battleships and support fleets and generally make fleets more enjoyable and less messy on comms.

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